Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing seems like a great way to add to upper body strenght and stamina, so I wanted to add it to my training. For now I have been doing pull-ups holding onto two martial arts belts, but I think the rope would be better.

The problem is finding places to find climbing ropes.

Has anyone ever buit something at their home to use.

Any ideas? has inexpensive manila ropes (good quality). They have 1.5 and 2" thick ropes. They sell the rope by the foot.

I have high ceilings in my garage, so I bolted to heavy bag supports to parallel studs and hung my rope from those.

If you have a local Gymnastics club they'll more often then not have a few ropes for this exact thing.

I'm pretty monsterious at rope climbing :)


I love rope climbing... used to do it all the time. I just some of that 1" rope and hung it off a rafter in the shed beside my grandparents house...

I doubt I could climb as much as one foot at the moment though. But it is great exercise, no doubt.

Great feed back thanks

how open are gymnastics clubs to people turning up just to climb rope for ten minutes?


check out the videos at - he hangs a rope over a chin up, & does pullups, a rope in each hand.

I'd LOVE to have the room for this bad boy: 


That machine looks stupid and to be a waste of money, but I'd be curious to try it out.

those people dont even look like they are even have any resistance with that thing like you would a regular rope.............but wait..........hold that a shaolin temple monk on that machine?!?!?!

That machine is good for beginners that can't climb a rope yet. I tried it at golds and it's nowhere near the same thing.

It's just like a pull up assist machine.  If you set zero weight, you're effectively pulling your own bodyweight on it.

How could it be the same as pulling your own bodyweight? If you're not strapped down in the chair, you would pull yourself up to the top of the machine.

I don't think so.  I think the pulleys provide adjustable resistance (either on this one or another kind I saw), so that you can get your 99% of your weight off the seat and climb at a certain constant rate.  If you climb too slowly, your weight will be supported by the seat.  If you climb too fast, you'll reach the top.  I've seen adjustable rock climbing walls like this.

You can develop tendonitis if you do anything too often.  There's no correct answer to your question.  It depends on your body, your current fitness level, if you're overtraining (either systemically or specifically), etc.

What in god's name izzat??!!

rapeaged: Just ease into it, stay away from failure and don't go back to climb before you're fully recovered. You can build up frequency/intensity nd volume over time.


HOLY crap the prices for manila ropes on are cheap as hell!

What length of rope should I get? Is 15 feet enough?