Rousey opponents 2013

Sara McMann olympic wrestler 6-0
Cristiane Santos 10-1
Marloes Coenen 20-5 7-3 last 10
Miesha Tate 13-3 rematch 7-1 last 8
Alexis Davis 12-5 4-1 last 5

who else would you like to see ronda fight in 2013?

Kardashian. Phone Post

Rosi Sexton would haveto go up in weight
Sheila Gaff would have to go up and has been ko'ing everyone

Vanessa Porto is a bit smaller but would give a good fight.  The biggest fight in WMMA history will be Kyra Gracie v Ronda Rousey.

Cat Zingano

Kyra Gracie isnt a fighter yet?

pitbu11y - 

Cyborg only. Then she will realize MMA is not her thing. Just saying. Phone Post

Why isn't mma her thing?

Baszler - a lot of people think she beat McMann recently.

mancini 02er - Kyra Gracie isnt a fighter yet?

No, but when i put on my Nostradamus hat I see a superfight where Kyra is coaxed via some Anderson Silva money.

Sara McMann's wrestling would be the best test for rousey

other than the obvious cyborg

mancini 02er - Sara McMann's wrestling would be the best test for rousey

I think Sara still needs some more experience.

sare mcmann interview regarding rousey

McMann's stand up is more advanced than Rousey's at the moment.  Curious if she would try to use her wrestling defensively or if she would clinch.  My bet is that Rousey still owns in the clinch.  Someone know how far away women's international wrestling is from women's judo on a competitive level?  My guess is very far away but Id love to hear a different opinion.

mcmann is just as strong and has slams as well. would be a great test for rr

When Sara fought Hitomi, she relied on her sheer strength to escape sub attempts that the former Judoko was throwing up off her back.

I think she'd struggle to do the same against Ronda.

That said, Sara is evolving fight by fight.

mancini 02er - Sara McMann's wrestling would be the best test for rousey

I thought she showed in the Bazler fight that her grappling still needs a lot of work.  Save this one for 2014 assuming McMann can keep her record intact.

lets get real. cyborg wont try and make 135. who is next for ronda after liz. tate rematch then? if not sara

True, if she faces a great boxer like Kaufman she's done for.