routine advice needed

Im realtively new to lifting and need help organizing a routine to benefit my needs. I do BJJ 3-4 times a week and have cronic knee/ankle injuries. I would like to get stronger especially in the upper body dept. Im 6'0 and 176lbs with a measly bench of 110lbs 3 sets and 9 reps. HELP ME!!!!



It will help if you can be very specific about your injuries.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

I popped my ankle from a nasty toe hold and I have pain in my knee from I guess overuse, its a sharp shoting pain on the outside right underneath the patella. I believe I might have partially torn my ACL I get occassional tendonitis in the knee if I run too hard. So yeah...I need a new bionic left leg.



Okay this is what Ive come up with. Im doing each excercise with 3 sets and roughly 9 reps.

Bench Press - 130 lbs

Squat - 220 lbs

Deadlift - 220 lbs

Bicep Curl - 40 lbs

Lat pull down 100 lbs

Butterfly - 90 lbs

French Press 40 lbs

Leg Extension 90

Leg Curl - 70 lbs

Knee raises - 3 sets of 25

Im doing this routine tues-thurs-sat and BJJ mon-weds-fri. How is this routine? Over working myself? Im trying to improve overall strength and look buff too. LOL.

Im currently 6'0 and 178lbs.


a response please.....


Do you keep a log of your workouts? Are you getting more reps/higher weights each workout? If not, you are possibly doing too much. I highly recommend a log so you can track progress. It can also tell you when it is time to change up what you are doing, when progree slows or stops. Train as you fight. D-Rex

Its been only 2 weeks on that routine. I feel however that might be able to go about another 5-10lbs on each excercise now...maybe not the bench press but I do feel stronger and don't fatigue as fast during the sets. What excercises should I be doing to change things up?


I think that if you are trying to get stronger cut your reps down to 4-6. Do that for a little while then switch to a little higher rep bracket so your can work on hypertrophy. 9 reps isn't the range you want to be in if your after strength. also cut the leg ext/curls out for now.

Christ make sure you are squatting and deadlifting properly or that ankle/knee injury will be around for a LONG time

You can change bench to inclines, close grip, dips, dumbell bench. Really any number of options. Do this with all of your movements. Also change reps/sets and intensity to continue progressing. I change things ever 4-6 weeks even if I am still gaining. In another thread someone suggests yoga, and I agree this is a very usefull thing. I do yoga on non-training days to work on flexibility and to facilitate recovery. This could help your ankle/knee injuries as yoga works on stability, balance and control. Train as you fight. D-Rex

Thanks for the tips guys. This is the third week Im on this routine also when is a good time to up the weight?