Rowing Injury (Also posted in Health/Medical)

Just thought I'd post it here in case some in the know wouldn't have checked over there.

"I rowed for about 7 years and didn't spend a lot of time recovering. I was in my early to late teens for this.

I also played a shit load of video games, hunched over.

Any time I extend my spine so as to stretch, perhaps, my abdomen, the muscle running along the right of my spine clenches up and I am FUCKED.

Taking weight from that point on is ridiculous unless I get a serious bit of massage on the go. Just had my dad elbow bash the whole thing, now more functional but very cautious.

I'm getting to the docs with this ASAP, its been going on for 3 years now and always remedied with a tennis ball, but now it barely helps.

Anyone ever have anything similar?





Here is the response I put over on the Health/Medical Thread in case anybody looks to this one to help with their own low back situation:

"You are probably a biomechanical disaster with tons of muscular imbalances. Rowers commonly have low back problems.

It is a good idea that you are going to see a doc regarding this to rule out any vertebral pathologies. From the rowers I've worked with and other athletes with chronic low back issues, they normally have poor hip mobility, poor thoracic mobility, and/or poor gluteal activation.

I would recommend going to see an orthopedic physician that specializes in low back/spine injuries to rule out significant pathologies. If that comes back clear, I'd then recommend going to get a functional movement screen to see what imbalances you have and the best way to correct those imbalances."

To add to that as well, once cleared by the ortho, instead of just having your father elbow bash the area, it would be worth the time and money to find an ART practitioner or Graston practitioner to work on the area if it is determined to be a muscular/fascial issue causing the pain and problems.