Roy Nelson announces retirement?

Hopefully it was just bad spelling :-( Phone Post 3.0

It's the correct fight to retire on if he wants to do it, but not sure if that's what he means...

I hope so. He's a warrior. Nothing more to prove. Phone Post 3.0

Why would he note "always improving" in his retirement tweet? Phone Post 3.0

think he got double auto-corrected

Maybe he should just take some time off and work on stuff. I like watching Roy fight, and Id miss him if he left and feel like hes still got some fights in him, hes just gotta work on what hes doin.

Then again, he is pushing 40, so its probably a lot harder to change your ways.

Unless he's been really smart with his money I'm pretty sure he needs to keep fighting.
Wouldn't mind seeing him leave the UFC and be Fedor NYE match Phone Post 3.0

Think he meant "Won't be the last." Phone Post 3.0

Axel Foley - Think he meant "Won't be the last." Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Reads like "won't be the last" Phone Post 3.0


doesn't make sense to me. :P

The guy can be forgiven for a few spelling mistakes after 25 minutes of fighting lol. His left eye looked pretty messed up too. Phone Post 3.0

If fox put the article out I think dfw Jr it trying to tell roy something Phone Post 3.0

Quite the opposite IMO Phone Post 3.0

Wonder what he gets paid for a fight like last night.  Honestly, to travel to Japan and put on a 25 minute fight like that, and as long as he's been around, he should get no less than $500K.  Doubt he made that much though.

the way he stuck around in the ring after the decision and started taking off his shitty, Chinese made ufc gloves that no one should purchase, made me think he was retiring last night.

Yeah- looks like it should be won't be the last with the always improving in there..

I did wonder if he was going to announce his retirement on the mic last night tho because he was taking his gloves off on camera- Josh even looked at him doing it..

Hope he doesn't. Big Country is an MMA Throwback Classic for my money- easily one of my favorite active fighters and I'll root for him against every HW out there Phone Post 3.0

Axel Foley - Think he meant "Won't be the last." Phone Post 3.0
Exactly Phone Post 3.0

I took it as will be the last time in regards to licking wounds Phone Post 3.0