Royce Gracie

Just got off the phone with Royce, he is getting packed up and will be leaving for the venue in about 1 hour. He wanted to thank all of his supporters.

His fight is scheduled to start at 5:30 - 6:00 AM EST

Break a leg.

Good Luck Royce!!!

Mike, will you be able to post results as they happen??

Best of luck to Royce.

i cant wait to see this one.
The first match was really really good until
the screwed up ending

I should be yes

This one is HISTORICAL!


Thanks for the update. Go Royce!!!

**drinks watermelon juice in preparation**

good luck royce

i guess the fight in this morning at 6 am est. sweet illl be up at 9 am

good luck royce

2X10 min rounds is a joke though

Like I said, its gonna be a draw

Is there any concern with jet-lag? It almost a 20 hr trip to Japan and a 12 hr diffference. That is tough, man.

Break a leg Royce,Yoshida's!

go Royce!

Royce has been in Japan since the 15-th so he had time to get used to time change

oh- Good luck to both. Need to finalize this ugly chapter in MMA.

good luck