Royce running out of challenges

"He defeated Akebono last December 31st in Japan, and now the question is: 'Who will be the next opponent for Royce Gracie?'

'It’s difficult to find a new challenge after defeating someone who is almost 140kg heavier than me. Maybe I can find an interesting opponent on Mars' jokes Royce. 'I've fought the second longest combat in history against Sakuraba.....

I've fought four bouts in the same night… I like to challenge the impossible. Maybe on Mars I can find it'

How is going to be Royce’s training program to confront an alien from Mars is a mystery, but the black-belt reveals how he prepared himself to fight against the giant Akebono: 'Man, it was the hardest training of my life. I put two guys, both over 100 kg, inside my guard. At times, I put four guys on me on the ground, for almost five minutes. When Akebono came to my guard I was relaxed and 'at home' explains Royce.

Is anyone gonna step up to the plate? or is Royce gonna remain at the top

Bob Sapp with Mini-me on his shoulders ala Master-Blaster of

Butterbean or Tank would be interesting.

Royc has nothing left to prove against the human race. He should either fight a gorilla or retire.

MMA with a gorilla, for some reason that sounds interesting.


Royce should be Vanderlei's new whipping boy

Don't lump Renzo or Royce in with ANY other fighter if you are going to talk shit about people who dont step up to tough competition. Neither of those guys back down from a challenge with anyone. Royce, as Up with Evil wrote, has nothing at all to prove. He is "the man" in MMA, IMO.

Man he is, but Top, hardly.

If Royce wanted he could get a fight in a heartbeat, with almost anyone in MMA.

"Is anyone gonna step up to the plate?"

I'll fight him for what they paid Akebono...

LOL at nobody left to fight. Standard

lol @ royce

he won't even fight a 155 lb. LW in Genki Sudo.

I have not kept up on what Royce is doing... what kind of events is he fighting these days? Same rules as UFC? Pride? I have nothing but respect for the legendary Royce Gracie, but I really have a hard time believing he would survive long in the octagon under the current rules (since they stand the fighters up and basically everyone in the UFC knows how to work and defend the guard). It is great to hear that he is still throwing down though.

wow, Royce is arrogant.

I put two guys, both over 100 kg, inside my guard. At times, I put four guys on me on the ground, for almost five minutes.


Royce is a NHB fighter not an MMA fighter. I just thought that sounded good.

probably Bobby Ologun in a 'revenge' match

Wouldn't the UFC make a ton of money if they made special rules for a Gracie fight vs. say Matt Hughes? Let him wear his gi and give some more leeway time on the ground...if Hughes would agree to it.

The modern UFC rules have phased a guy like Gracie out, but made the product much more attractive. Alot of people were getting bored (the casual fan esp.) of watching guys roll on the ground for 20 minutes.

His weight class is the most stacked with talent of them all. There are so many potential good matchups it's not funny. He has nothing to prove,but plenty of competition to choose from if he wants to fight.

I would love to see him against Mirko or Fedor.

I find Royces age difficult to factor in when you stop and consider the age of the UFC LHW champion. Oh yeah, and the fact that old man Dan Severn is still kicking asses.