Royce v. Yoshida Pics. Discuss.

from the picture, looks like ROyce wanted to punish Yoshida more then submit, because look at the arm of Yoshida's extended, cound have been an easy armbar from the mount


This was my thought even before the pics...

Royce hates Yoshida

Cool pics and no gi top. Wow!

I hope Royce wore the gi-top all the way to the ring, and said he'd wear it, then threw it off just before the fight started haha. Mess with Yoshidas gameplan.

"Cool pics and no gi top. Wow!"

Let's all pretend that didn't sound really awkward.

he did

does Yoshida have a Royce Gi on? It looks like his logo on the side

no thats the pants from Royce's gi

Kind of funny how everyone thought Royce would get thrown through the mat. Not when Yoshida had no gi top to work with.

got it...

He should've done a mongolian chop for entertainment sake.

Italian fans of Royce, which had him here last June, are very happy for this fight!
Make him compliments!
Dino, Jacopo, Andrea, Luca and so on....

Dino, whats up, I lost your e-mail can you send me a new one

Royce will be in Europe this summer if you guys want him back

Mike say him he is the man! Dino, Jacopo, Andrea, Luca...

Not awkward, but a big surprise. You do understand that Royce usually wears a top? Way to go, Royce!

lol Bubba i think your missing what the awkward part was ;)

that reminds me Mike, we need to set our up too :)

The WV fans will be happy!