Royler was doing pretty well...

before the knee to the face.
Before seeing the fight, from the comments here I thought that Royler was being dominated.
Not taking anything away from Sudo, the win was clean and legit. But Royler was doing good before that one knee dropped him and he ate the punches.
Royler is good and definitely not washed up.
Props to Sudo.

yeah royler was compettive i give him more props that i initially thought. but i also dont think genki was in any trouble.

I feel bad seeing Royler get owned like that. I dont think the fight was very competitive at all. Genki was on another level.

Outside of a few leg locks from the guard, he didn't really do much. Got underhooks and pulled butterfly guard constantly.

Sudo looked like he didn't even sweat the fight. Too easy for him.

Sudo was winning the whole way through. Royler never had him any danger, never took him down, nothin.

Clearly Royler isn't an MMA fighter.

royler didn't look too bad until the knee...

but genki is the man

markffd is correct.

Royler was out there grappling, NOT fighting. Did anyone else notice that Royler did not throw ONE single good punch the entire time??? In fact, the only strikes he ever threw were a few knees from clinch.

This is a *PERFECT* example of the difference between grappling and fighting. What happened to all the boxing training that Royler had supposedly been doing??? I think the guy has been a grappler for so long, and is so used to those rules, that he almost "forgot" that it was a fight.

Seriously, name one top fighter who still would pull guard like that???

Man I strongly disagree with you guys. Royler was not getting owned at any point. Sudo was not doing anything except trying to excape. I commented on the other post and that is how I feel. There is no way that he was in total control dominating him, etc.

Royler got kneed in the face and that was the first sign of any "donmination". There was no real damage up to that point.


Kakkarotto_san, you make some good points, but what was Royler supposed to do? There's no way he was going to outwrestle or outstrike Sudo, so what does that leave? Plus, Sudo looked bigger.

It was a pretty vicious KO

"Royler was not getting owned at any point."

What about when Sudo punched him in the face until he fell unconscious in the first round? If that's not owned, I don't know what is.

That shot of Royler with his mouthpiece half out is a great candidate for an "Owned!" photoshop.

Royler didn't get caught, he was losing the whole time.

He's too old to get into MMA.

Royler looked terrible. Couldn't get a takedown, got hit with solid knees to the stomach in the clinches, no good submissions attempts, couldn't keep Genki on the mat, and was being outgrappled when he had him there.

Poor Royler. :(

outgrappled? did you really watch it?
sudo was avoiding the ground for the whole fight!
did he go for any submissions? what did he do to outgrapple royler?

In the fight I watched, ALL of Royler's takedowns got stuffed, he landed zero strikes, he NEVER had any dominate ground position, all of his submission attempts were never close and easily escaped, he *almost* had his back taken, and he was knocked the fuck out.

Yeah, he did well i thought too.

"As I said on another thread, Royler had the right strategy, he just got caught."

- and was it a "sloppy" technique that khtfo?

Sounded like a great card, fuck who's got the tape?!?!

Read correctly, I was talking about GRAPPLING.
Again I ask, what did Sudo do to make you think that he outGRAPPLED Royler?

lol@ all the haters

Royler fought well against an outstanding fighter until he was caught.

Props to both fighters!

Do you think that by shooting a double, getting stuffed, pulling guard, and trying for weak heel-hooks that Royler "outgrappled" Sudo?

Sudo mounted Royler (albeit for only 2 seconds) and nearly took Royler's back. That's more than Royler did as far as grappling is concerned.

so flopping to guard because you can't take the other guy down, then going for an unsuccessful ankle lock = he was doing pretty good until the KO?