Ruptured ACL.

As the title says I have ruptured my acl. Had my mri and seen a othapedic surgeon about my options. Surgery is obviously the way to go but I have to hold off for a while due to personal issues.

Will I still be able to do any leg exercises or weights related to my legs.

grade 4 complete? Or only partial?

IMO, based upon my own injury and what I was told by my surgeon, etc.

A complete tear will result in slips if you use it too hard in an active life and can result in more damage to other areas of the joint. Sedentary peolple can get awayy withoit it. So what you decide to do exercise wise should be approached with some caution. Im fine without an MCL just fine, worming out, BJJ, hunting rough terrain, running, jumping, etc. My leg musculature is heavy and my surgeon knows me and what I do, he says unless I have issues of slipping buckling dont sweat it. But in the case of ACL, he definitely said to reconstruct it due to active life

I wouldn't do any load bearing exercises like squats on it. You should definitely use a leg extension/quad machine to build up your quads as much as you can. After your surgery that will be your main area to rehab.