Ryan Ford vs. ???

Did they ever find a replacement for Ryan Ford for the MFC show in Canada? Is it weird that ever since TUF1 every time I type Canada, I want to type Canadia?

Is he out? Whats the deal with that?

I hear Rufus the Stuntbum is a free agent.

I was wondering this to, good question.


I heard a rumor that a young fighter out of Tul$a named Levi Avera was stepping up on short notice.

I'll try to get confirmation on that. He's got a lot of potential and would be a game opponent.

I heard the same thing Fabes. I know Avera and he's a beast. Would definitely make the fight exciting.

 I would love to see 
TJ Grant vs Ford

TJ Grant vs Ford would be a great fight I think.


Joe Jordan is fighting Ryan Ford MMA Playwrite UnderGround Forum 1 minute ago

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Ryan Ford Vs....... The Parole Board?

Oh wait, that's not until his next hearing. My bad.

I tried but they didn't want me....

Joe Jordan


Isn't Joe a 55er?

Gonna be giving up some size.

Avera would of been a much better choice and matchup. IMO

where can i find some videos of joe jordan fights??

Sounds like MFC if they bring in a lighter fighter. Trying to build up Ryan Ford.

Joe Jordan is no joke...he could very well end Ford's undefeated streak.

I was trying to make this fight happen for Levi but apparently they found a replacement. Levi Avera is a very tough 170 lbs. He has just had some tough luck lately but is back on his feet.

Levi will be on the MFC in September 2008.

Ryan Ford has got to earn back my respect after those dirty tactics in the Spratt fight. I could care less about his next fight.

Was interested in the Fickett/Ford fight because Drew would have choked Ford out!