Ryan Madigan vs. Melvin Guillard

My Muay Thai trainer Ryan Madigan is going down to Georgia Saturday to fight Melvin Guillard in a Muay Thai match. I expect my boy Ryan to come home with a win, this guy is a machine. Keep an look out for him in 2005


I guess i should wish Ryan good luck. Fighting Melvin he will need it!!!! Melvin is a animal!!!!!!


The Young Assassin by KO!!!!!!!!!

If you guys havnet seen Ryan fight, your in for one hell of a suprise

where is the event?

some where in atlanta i believe, not sure on the exact location. Ryan is the IKF East Coast Super Middleweight Champion and holds a few other titles

i knew a shoulda blocked black namers from posting on here, they just know way to much. Ryan might be fighting K-1 in April if that sounds better to you

Ya i believe thats where it is, I know its a strip club. Melvin will be on PKW tonight so Im interested in what he has to say about this fight


"Sorry, most kickboxing titles mean nothing. There are a million sanctioning bodies offering a million titles."

The IKF is one of the top kickboxing/muay thai organizations.


ttt for you my friend


damn cheap ass mudnamers.

tell it like it is Fabes

TTT for Ryan "The Lion" Madigan

Ryan "the Lion" is a tough guy, and if hes up at Griffon Rawl, then i know his skills have improved since the last i saw him fight, think Melvin may be catchin a lose on this one.

yes Ryan is up at Griffon-Rawl now, we just trained last night and he is in TOP shape. I have no doubt that he will bring home a win from this one


Melvin was on PKW this week and talked about the fight and his plans for 2005. Shuold be a great fight between two great fighters. Props to Extreme Kickboxing for putting this together. Melvin wants to fight Franca or Edwards down the road. The audio interview is on www.prokarateweekly along with Willa Ford and Josh Rafferty from the Ultimate Fighter show on Spike....

TTT for The Lion

He may be lookin for "a soul to steal" but it sure wont be Ryans

ttt- till we get results tonite