Sakuraba moves to K-1 Hero's

It hasjust been announced that Saku will fight Hero's.
He left Takada Dojo so there had been a speculation what his move was going to be.

I think it sux.


So, Sakuraba is in K-1, Wandy is a free agent, no one really knows about Arona, Coleman is supposably fighting in the US again, what the fuck is Pride doing?

damn dude. Takada and Saku must hate each other.

i always thought saku would retire into a management position at DSE. I guess not anymore.

i heard hes signed to fight Rulon Gardner.

Just came back from Heros. Saku entered the ring to his theme music and wearing his mask. He didn't say he will fight in Heros, but he did say we should use our imagination. That SUCKS!!!

There we go Saku moving to K1 so Rickson was supposed to fight in K1 a few years ago.

Maybe we will see Saku vs. Rickson

Who cares other than a few Japanese fans.

Interesting. I assume Matsui left too. According to Gryphon's blog, they were both removed from the Takada Dojo website at least since 4/28.


So 205 in Pride is now Arona, Rogerio, Igor, Nakamura, and maybe Shogun and/or Silva. Half those guys are teammates, more than half have already fought each other (some twice).

Who on earth would Sak fight in Heroes? All they have is lightweights and heavyweights. Is he going to fight Sapp and Lyoto?

Ah, just read he will be participating in the Heroes 85kg tournament starting in August.

Anyone have any idea what 185lbers Heroes will have in the tourney?

Lindland/Sakuraba, make it happen!

Royce v Saku 2?

"maybe this is a pro-wrestling style breakup they have going on? maybe
get the marks hyped for saku's triumphant return to pride."

I don't think so.... on this one is more like:

once you've gone, you stay gone!

are you saying PRIDE is over after Saku leaves?

Sakuraba vs Brock Lesnar! It's a natural!


after saku lost to arona there was a rumour for a short period that saku
was retiring, anyone heard that?

I am disappointed with this news, as I can't imagine Saku being anywhere else (remember when he kicked ass in the UFC and almost fought Tank..ha ha).

That being said, perhaps for the last few years of his career, K-1 will actually put him against guys his own size.

Sakuraba should have been fighting Bustamante, Henderson, and Ninja, instead of Crocop, Silva, and other beasts of the ring.

I'm sure the guy didn't feel apreciated that much simple as
that IMO

Good for him if they pay him well. After seeing his last 2-3 fights I had the impression he was punchdrunk.