Salter to Fight For Belt

A website is reporting that John Salter (3-0) will be fighting ECI Middleweight Champion Bryan Valentin (12-1) on Friday night at ECI 14 in Huntsville!Valentin has had the belt for sometime now, and his biggest win to date was a TKO victory over now pro, Robert Thompson.That win however was due to a severe elbow injury which Thompson sustained during the fight.Normally for a fighter with just three bouts you could say this is his first big test, however, with "The Predator" you can't say that. Defeating the previously unbeaten Iako Kalili in his debut, and following that win up with a dominating performance over unbeaten pro DJ Watkins and Kickboxer Ej Brinkley, Salter had already had his fare share of big fights.I was not planning on making a road trip friday night, but there is no way in hell I wont be there to support my boy SalterZ! See you boys in Hville. wanna road trip?

I'll be there ringside

We will see you there 'hunter!

what do you know about Valentin? Honestly I am surprised you never fought him at an ECI.

We tried to get a fight with him but it mysteriously never worked out. I think he's a douche, honestly. I introduced myself one time and he tried to act all hard with his plastic Toys-R-Us-bought championship belt. I guess the kid didn't know who I was. Anyways, John will kill him, I would too.

It is becoming more apparent that Salter needs to be a professional. At the same time, he did get knocked down by a guy with a rash guard. SalterZ, keep your hands up. And smash this kid.

And SalterZ is only 2-0. His fight against DJ does ont go on his record officially. And I did not send it in to anyone.

 It's gonna be nice to have 2 ECI belts at spartan fitness!!


"My prediction for the fight........pain"



Team Stranglehold will be in attendance. Team Blazer will not as their team will be mired in paperwork at an area bank.

Matt Crump, Jason Davis and myself will be riding up there at 6 tonight to join CC and Tommy to make sure Spartan Fitness is represented at ECI.


I would have liked to have gone, but it's too short of a notice and I am buried under paperwaork as well; albiet of the legal kind instaed of banking.

Sorry I missed your call the other night Blazer, hit me up today whenever. The office is pretty empty, so I'm free.

Salter is sick.

Did he get crotch-rot again?

SalterZ Z to emphasize the XTREMENESS

fortunately for everyone including himself...he is not a poosay and he is fine now. says he feels good..just texted me.

salter wins by kneebah!!no joke!!


Doesn't surprise me at all!

Funny stuff! Congrats man!

this thread is worthless w/o pics of the newest addition to Spartans' belt collection!