Sam Stout vs. James Krause

Up next... I got Stout

Im 1-3

I say krause! Phone Post

I picked Krause.

Stout - the quality of his victories is WAY higher than krause's Phone Post 3.0

easedel - Were they just talking to each other?

I think Krause told Stout he was cut over the eye.

Stout looks like his body has changed shapes.

1-0 Krause

Hes like the white anderson silva the 2nd Phone Post

Damn, Krause is looking impressive. Hope the judges give a gift to Stout.

Pulling out the Capoeira LOL -- instant gif request

LOL at Stout's corner wanting a takedown while he and they gve Makdessi shit for not stading still in front of him and trading in their fight.

Stout looks like tito with hair.

Complete with cracked skull Phone Post

wow great fight... 1-1

Card -

wow great fight... 1-1

That's how I have it too. Phone Post

It's still weird not seeing Tompkins in Stout's corner. RIP Tompkins.

Hell of a back and forth fight so far. One rd each so far. Stout should of swarmed after the body shot that hurt Krause. Phone Post 3.0

Hands of stone is not really an apt nickname. 

Nice sub Phone Post 3.0

fuck... thought sam was gonna win the round and decision when he took him down...

Fuck Phone Post 3.0

Another great fight.

Hats off to stout

Great sub tho Phone Post