Same old Chuck line..."I got caught"

Shiloh - hey you fucking kook,

hes been ko'd twice, so how is it the same old line?

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What else is there to say? Thats exactly what happened. He got caught.

I think people are getting his number. He fights with his hands way out at the side. and is a counter punche. he screws up when people start booing and he tries to fight offensive

Shiloh - then you can come here and post about how you got caught



 "Except in the 2nd round Rashad was hitting him again and again. It wasn't a lucky punch at all"

Right... but none of that is relevant to this discussion.

Let me refresh you...

The topic is that Chuck is using the same old excuse, "hey... i got caught", as if he's done it multiple times before.

The fact of the matter is, he's only said it twice during his lengthy career.

In other words, what you just said has absolutely no bearing on this discussion.

I have to admit I was surprised he got KO'd but shouldn't of been. His defense is horrible, footwork slow and plodding, and he has a weak chin (I have no idea why people thought he had a good chin). His only trick was moving backwards and being able to hit hard. If he could not do either of those things he lost.

 Towe and Shiloh are the biggest IRL tough guys. they also LOVE the color pink...aka Shiloh's pink face and Towe's pink bandana he wears around on his balding dome.

the subject is here is that chuck got exposed. everytime he leaves his hands hanging down and gets KTFO...his line is "I got caught".

dude is an icon, i was kinda sad to see him get KO'd like that but it happened. won me alot of money last night.

but what was better was proving 90% of the people at the UFC party that i was at wrong. i got so much shit for picking rashad to win last night that it was priceless when the whole room went silent when Chuck went down. exept for me of course.

yes, towe...copied and pasted an article that has this quote in it as a source. WTF do you contribute to this forum except that you follow my threads around and bump it.

same with pink-powered shiloh. maybe you two should hang out. you have so much in common already.

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 Shiloh is asking for an address, give him one.  Not giving him one is a dicktuck. 

everyone loses eventually - you guys need to get used to the fact that floyd mayweather is the only fighter you will never see take an L

 stalker much?

want my social secuirty number too?

you don't scare anyone here Mr. 5'5 with your own ati-gyno cream. nor will you garner ANY respect about calling me out IRL because i said your hero chuck has been exposed ever since jardine and rampage...and now rashad.

guess you gotta take that lifesize poter of the iceman down and cancel your yearlong shipment of nyquil.

did a quick search of all your posts...and all i see are comments like these...

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frontrowbrian - 

Give him a minimum 6 month vacation. I still think he can be a borderline top 10 fighter for another year provided he's relatively healthy.

In combat sports, your longevity as a box office drawing card is ALWAYS LONGER than your longevity as a top competitor. Mike Tyson is the best example. Chuck Liddell is a brand name. He's valuable despite being just 1-3 in his last 4.

Give him a vacation, heal up, and 6 or more months down the line against a very carefully selected opponent (BJJ guy with little to offer in the stand up) and Chuck can continue to be a profitable star for UFC.



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lol@my hero chuck

do some more searches clown so you can realize how truly fuckign stupid that was to say hahahah

LOLOL in fact i bet there isnt one positive about chuck from me anywhere. like on the whole internet. LOL. you fucking genius.

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The dude is asking for an address, in case you didn't notice. You should be as tight lipped with your opinion of real men as you are with your own personal safety. Or just apologize to Chuck and sit down. The internet is SERIOUS.


"Put your left hand up, Chin down"

I am a big fan of Chuck, I got to workout with him a few times years ago and he was always exceptionally cool, but the time has come for him to retire. There is no way that a prime time Chuck would have ever lost to a guy like Rashad.

 more gems from shiloh...

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