San Da training systems

Over the past few years, I've been occupied with two major projects. The first was helping build and develop the NYKK Gyms and the NYKK team. This, obviously, benefited the members of our two facilities directly. My second project was establishing King of San Da USA. I believe that through these efforts I have helped many athletes who wanted a venue to test their skills, get experience and get better.

Today, I am announcing the formation of San Da Training Systems, which I hope will help even more people by spreading a program which I believe not only offers great self defense skills, but also a great and healthy life style. I believe that San Da is something that can benefit everyone. San Da Training Systems will be the vehicle through which I will offer seminars, DVD and eventually books which will make the material and the philosophy available to everyone.

A very preliminary web site was launched today. In the next three months I hope to finish two DVD's. Anyone interested feel free to visit us.

San Da Training Systems

336 W 37th Street, 5th floor

New York, NY 10018

(212) 239-8619

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Tell us a little more about your program. Who are the instructors? Where were they trained? King of San Da USA, what is going on with that? What makes San Da better than other arts? Thanks for replies.

If you read the web site, some of your questions will be answered...

As for my credentials, I have trained champion level competitors in a variety of formats including San Da, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Amateur Boxing and amateur MMA. The NYKK team has two workd champions, has won 16 national titles, been finalists and semi-finalists in NYC Golden Gloves three years in a row...

I'm not going to get into a "better" pizzing contest on the net, that's pointless. Look a little more into NYKK and learn about what the program has produced. Ask Scott, you know him. Take a seminar or when they are ready buy a DVD, see if you find value.

As for the comment about not competing, that's silly, as I just said, we compete in EVERYTHING, all the time...

Have a good one

Sounds Good about time someone got going.Do you think I would be able to pass the level one certification.
I plan on training one year before I attempt it.
Later Scott

Scott, you could pass level one even with a case of the FLU :) Better yet, we want San da guys to have some ground skills for two and three, and from what I hear you're already well on your way!

I should probably post the level one exam....

read the requirements for certification...

we updated over the weekend with some more details and the seminar listings...

ttt for the new seminar listings

Adam Cannon, how about you answer the question that we've been asking for a month now...

That question, to refresh your memory, is why you claim to have sparred and easily handled Marvin Perry when Marvin says he's never even met you?

If you want us to take you at all seriously, you could at least say when and where you sparred Marvin. The idea that you, an amateur with a pathetic 3-2 record, could "easily handle" a pro champion who won his MT title in 54 seconds, who is undefeated as a PRO and has only one loss in over 25 amateur matches, is simply ridiculous

I think you are trying to take the Phil Baroni approach to getting attention. You asked for a pro match in all this nonsense! Most promoters wouldn't even put you on an all amateur card with your record!

Anyway... seminars are listed at

DVD will be ready shortly...

I will be doing more seminars around US, details on that shortly

good stuff David.

Dude, stop trying to promote yourself with smack talk, and especially stop trying to promote yourself on my thread. If I were to even consider putting you on a card, you'd have to post a bond, you're a no show waiting to happen

First seminar is THIS SATURDAY

Followed by first DVD

More seminars already posted on web site

Did I tell everyone here how about a year ago I knocked Lennox Lewis on his butt in a sparring session, it was just sparring on all, but Don King, I want a big money fight!

Dude, you are boring me to death here. If you really wanted a fight with Marvin, there were three promoters all looking for matches for him, no one wanted him after the 54 second KO of the Thai champion. Even if somehow you actually showed, why would someone give you a shot with an amateur record of 3-2? Like I said you are C class...

First seminar is THIS SATURDAY

Followed by first DVD

More seminars already posted on web site


I know you're desperate and grasping at straws, but don't you realize how silly you make yourself look in all this?

NYKK has TWO LOCATIONS, we have over 200 people active in each location. If that's your idea of "near desolate" then fine, most would think you're a cook.

NYKK has over 25 active fighters in it right now, two world champions, 16 national champions, finalists in Golden Gloves, a guy going to K-1 Max, a guy going to Shootboxing, a few more surprises in the near future...

Do I hand out flyers, yes, damn, you got me! Wow, I hand out flyers. I stand on the most crowded corner in NYC (34th and 8th) (EDIT: which, by the way is like 6 blocks from Renzo my friend: I wouldn't be crude enough to stand in fron to someone's school, neither would Renzo) and hand flyers out to cute women all day, who then come into my gym and give me money. If that's something to be ashamed of, man I am guilty!

Now, since you asked so nicely, YES, we ARE having a seminar this Saturday. It's 12 noon to 3 pm.

It will be filmed for a DVD release

After that, we have two more seminars already set.

We are currently planning a weekend training camp that will have trainers from several systems

All the info can be found at

Thanks for asking!


Like I said, you're grasping at straws and just making yourself look really foolish

Cung Le's Born To Fight

July 24, 2004

Sanctioned by the IKF (

You can check their old news page

You can check their san shou rankings

"United States Champion: Josh Beauregard"

Defeated Kevin Ruelas of San Jose, California by split Decision on july 24th, 2004 in San jose, California, USA.

Josh Beauregard, NYKK Co-Captain, wins IKF US title

This is Ian Morgan (seating, beat one of Fairtex's amateur champions on same night), Josh (who won the title), myself, and Steve Ventura

Yousef Taghizadeh is both the USKBA US champion and the USSKF world champion

You can look that one up on

Richard Acosta (standing over Russian MT champ he Ko'd in one round) holds many titles including ABOC 2003 Champion, 2001 ICMAC Champion, 5th US Open Champion and a Silver Medal at 2002 USWU championships

Adam Resnick was the ABOC Champion, USWU 2002 national champion, USA WKF 2000 national champion, ESN 2000 champion and 2002 NY Champion. He won a Bronze Medal, United World San Shou Championships and has 2 wins over forum member Brad "Bad" Burrick. Just ask Brad if he's a figment of imagination or a real fighter

Elan Schwarz was a former member of US National San Shou team, and ISKA Light Welterweight Champion and had 3 silver medals

Ejovi Nuwere was an ISKA Lightweight Champion, USA WKF 2000 national champion and 2001 NYC Golden Gloves Semi-Finalist

In amateur boxing, we've had semi-finalists and finalists in the NYC Golden Gloves pretty much every year for the past 4 years.

You can get a complete list of our accomplishments on our team's home page

Thanks for asking!

And remember


First seminar is THIS SATURDAY

Followed by first DVD

More seminars already posted on web site

Are you at all affiliated with the some SanDa fighters coming out of China? If so, do you come to China occationally? The reason I am asking is because I am based in China.