sandbag ideas

list your sandbag exercise ideas here:

I'll start with:

Sandbag shouldering

Bearhugging for time/distance.

Pressing overhead

Throwing - all sorts of ways


Here's a puker I thought up but have been too much of a wuss to try out:

Stand facing a 6-7' fence, about 30 feet from the end.

Throw / push a heavy sandbag over the fence.

Sprint down and around the end of the fence, and back up to the sandbag. Now throw/push it over again.

Repeat for 15min, and try to increase the # of trips every time.

I wish I had a 6'-7'foot fence to try that with. Or room to run in my gym.

Heres a link to a manual that has a bunch of great sandbag exercises.

thanks for the manual, the sit up ones look as do the lunges,but I dont like the ones when you jump and land while still holding the bag. It cant be good for your knees. It was always said to never jog with weight on your legs. It should apply here as well

run up bleachers (preferably at a large stadium) with the sandbag (switch different ways of holding it each time). when you get to the top, throw the bag until you reach start. repeat.


Gary, or you can throw and climb over as well, or combine the run around and climb

Wow, old thread... turns out that I'm still too much of a wuss to have tried the original, but I like the idea of climbing over too.