Saulo Seminar

I attended a Saulo seminar on the 23rd in Louisville,KY.Saulo started the class with some nice variations on a leg pickup and Kosoto Gari(I think thats the Judo term).He went over the way he grips up,as opposed to coming to grips strictly Judo style.Great stuff

"He went over the way he grips up,as opposed to coming to grips strictly Judo style."

What is "grips strictly Judo style"? Most BJJers I have trained with have no idea how to grip. I know Saulo is a good judo fighter as well, so I am interested to hear what his strategy is.

"Maybe some of the grips that are not legal in Judo, but are in BJJ?"

That's what I thought at first, but the "coming to grips strictly judo style" reads (to me) like two guys walking to each other and each just gripping a lapel and sleeve like two newbies learning how to do uchi-komis.

"like two guys walking to each other and each just gripping a lapel and
sleeve like two newbies learning how to do uchi-komis."

Exactly what I pictured.

Saulo uses Ko Uchi makikomi as well. He told me a story about going to the Kodokan and asking about a heavy left (Margarita). They showed him a duck under kosoto gake thing (that felt like suki nage) from a left cross grip. He used a couple of other take downs when he would fight.


hikikomi, you are indeed right. even for a good judoka it can be taxing to deal with somebody who has no interest in fighting with some balls.

lol I like that attitude Joshua

hikikomi.. yes, i have done those things a number of times. and, yes, i was fighitng with no balls at those moments in time. but, with a ton of brains.

and yes, they all have a time and a place in accordance to the rules of the game. but in every grappling sport cowardice is looked down upon.

to step onto the mat and say "i am going to run away from this guy becuase X, Y, X" is simply lacking the balls to belong on the mat as a competitor.

in grappling, regardless of the format, you step onto the mat to compete with both brains and balls. and, to do anything less than that is simply unacceptable.

There is a difference between stalling the last 30 seconds at Judo nationals when you are up a koka against another ranked player and stalling for 5 minutes while you are doing rondori in class.

If you are hyper defensive in one situation you get to keep fighting for the national championship. In the other case, you are stealing time from your training partners. If you don't want to fight, sit on the side and watch.

It would be the same thing as someone going to a BJJ class and then backing out of the guard, and when you tried to engage again he just ran backwards until he was off the mat.


"Less rules means lack of balls?"

I would say there are different rules. Are there more gripping rules in Judo? Yes, to prevent stalling and defensive posture. However, I have been told by a lot of BJJers that slams are illegal in almost all BJJ tournaments, so I wouldn't be able to do te guruma, because although it is a legit throw, it is considered a slam.

Anyways, back to the point, BJJWrestler, what was his gripping strategy?

"Te Guruma is legal. "

Interesting, I have been told numerous times, after doing it, it is not. Are there diff rules for diff tourneys?

Sorry guys,I forgot about my post here.As to the strictly Judo style,what I meant,and should have stated,Saulo uses a left hand grip and does not grip up with the right hand.He even stated,you would be penalized in Judo for that.He uses that single grip so he can jump in fast for drop Seo nage or Ko soto gari,depending on the energy.He showed how to break a high collar grip,it was funny,one guy(who obviously had little to no Judo) asked,Why would someone grip high like that? Saulo gripped up high,and moved him around,hit a Uchi mata,O Soto,with that grip,to demonstrate why it was used.

Hikkomi you missed a good seminar,I thought you were coming out?

Saulo showed a technique,you step between opponents feet,your right foot steps behind O.'s right foot,trapping the foot.He used that left hand grip,step in,hits your right shoulder against O.'s right shoulder,takeing him down.What is the Judo name for that technique?

Some other things from the seminar-Saulo held his own left lapel,in his grip style,I assume to prevent being gripped.He said always to angle the body,dont face the opponent directly.The above technique,and drop Seo nage,were the two throws/takedowns he used 90% of the time.Ground Techniques-showed some half guard passes,one sweep from the bottom,focused a lot on how to position yourself(bottom position)correctly.One cool thing he said was he never told somebody that the way they did a technique(anything)was wrong,he thinks there are many ways to do something,what he taught today,he may face an opponent and it wouldnt work,so he would find another way to do it.So when he showed something,he said,this is where I like to put my hands,but find where you like yours.

When he competes in no-Gi/submission style tournaments,when he faces wrestlers,he uses half guard(bottom).He found out that they typically run away when on the ground,so if he used closed or open guard,they would pop up to the feet.Half guard,they couldnt run away.He has a great half guard game,he said,as soon as I go to half guard,I attack(his words).He had me(purple belt)and two Brown belts get in his half guard,and try to pass.The emphasis on try.

i highly doubt he showed kawazu gake--thats a rather difficult throw and risky. it was most likely iether ouchigari or kosotogari.

"Sounds like right Ko Uchi Gari with a left lapel grip to me. Or Ko Uchi Gake, depends on what dojo you are from. "

Yeah, I agree. Sounds like a great seminar.

Thanks,Josh,same to you.I wondered what happened to Mac,I had heard he wasnt at Core anymore.

What do you mean by politics? I thought everybody around here was friendly toward each other,for the most part,except for one individual.I have heard nothing but good stuff about you,Cannon brothers,Allan,Troy,Joe Manning,Bod Dietz,etc.Matter of fact,all of the above,including myself,ave nothing but praise for all the BJJ teachers and schools here.