Schaffa V Bell

For thsoe of you who have not seen it here is a link to the Bell V Schaffa Fight from Fightclub 1, it is only 15mb. Justin gave me permission to rip and put up a few xfc fights over the next couple of months, when gets its bandwidth sorted we will be hosting them .

almost forgot, there is a limited number of downloads from this site.

cool, thanks hamish.
ian hands looked very heavy there, i cant believe how much punishment that kiwi guy (name escapes me) took at WR1. he had the heart of a lion.

edited to put scott bensons name in.

who does he train with?

gutlessandbald is right. that was a real display of guts.

i can see why Shaffa is on the international scene. pretty damn complete fighter. what level bjj is he?

i think purple belt but i could be wrong

ian doesn't focus on grading or gi training.

If anybody here wants to see how good and rounded he is get the K1 match with GOTOH from Ray.

ian really has the skills to be one of the worlds best at his weight. I believe his hands are THE BEST in MMA by a LOT!!!!


pwn like i said i could be wrong

Of the several times I've seen Ian fight, he's dished out tremendous punishment to his opponents.

No doubt he has terrific hand speed, boxing skills, kickboxing skills and no one questions his ground game.

But these times I've seen him fight, regardless of the punishment dished out, his opponent seem undaunted by the shots.

Does he posses the punching power that he seems to?

Academia: I know what you're talking about... That mixed rules match he had in Australia. Where that Japanese guy (can't remember the name)held him to a draw. Ian's striking skills looked awesome but his opponent wore them quite well..

Well in boxing he has had 14 fights and won 4 by ko.

So its not a real high %.

Never fought MMA so maybe with MMA gloves it might be a different story

so its offical then. promoters keep matching ian with hard heads who must be difficult to ko!

Be nice if the person uploading this fight on a certain site would be
able to seed it, cause the speed right now is at zero.

IMO and looking at Ian's record he is not one of Australia's best boxers but he has boxing skills, kickboxing skills and grappling skills.

So I suppose his hands could be the best in MMA as there are plenty of other guys with better hands but they either don't fight MMA or if they do they don't have the other skills Ian has and there for get taken to the ground where they have no skill and they are finished quickly.

ians power as a boxer has always been questionable. Please keep in mind by that I mean he is not noted for being a power puncher. Also he boxed at 147lb about 66kg too.

re V GOTOH - The rules stipulated it went the clock it was NOT judged ----- Automatic Draw :(

I personally saw it
1: 10-8
2: 10-8
3: 10-9
4: 10-10

he was simply to tired to do alot in the 4th. GOTOH was saved by the bell in R1 after 1 8 count earlier.



Sorry about the zero speed, was my first attempt at seeding anything. also it is on my work pc so can't adjust till tomorrow.



No need to apologise, thanks for sharing!

Some other notable MMA fighters with good hands

VAVALICIOUS (Lithyuania) - Former Rings


There are more BIG strikers like Mirko, Botha, BANG, PULVER, BUENO & LEBANNER.

personally though I think Ian is the best pure boxer.


Anyone who questions Ian's power should feel it on their skull...they wont question anymore....and he goes light on me!!!!!

As I say Ian has been there and done it so no one can bag his boxing in that sence.

Hope he keeps going well.

All the best to him in his coming fights.