** Schools/Dojo's Across Canada **


I continue to get requests regarding schools and dojo's in various areas.

Please list your school details or send an e-mail to Joe@showdown.ca.

I'm going to designate a section on my website for all of this information.

I need all the info please:

School Name:



Phone Number:

Fax Number:


If anyone is looking for awesome boxing training, I work one-on-one with a fantastic trainer by the name of Humberto Alvarez (formerly of Florida Jack's) who teaches out of a small private studio. I highly recommend.

Post the info broski.

I'll track it down Joe, my buddy Nick books all the lessons.

JHR's Couch Fu Academy, home of the Chicken Wing Choke

Showdown Joe's Kick'Dat'Ayss Gym, home of the 'Speedbump' and 'swimming wit da fishes'

School Name: Wagnney Fabiano Jiu-Jitsu

Address: 133 Turbine Drive, Toronto Ontario M9L 2S7

Website: wwww.wagnneyfabiano.com

Phone Number: 416-744-6868

Email: info@wagnneyfabiano.com

School Name: London BJJ (Fateh's Fight Club)

Address: 900 Jalna Blvd, London, Ontario, Canada
N6E 3A4

Website: fatehfightclub.tripod.com

Phone Number: (519)472-3287

Email: londonjiujitsu@rogers.com

Joe, if you like, go to www.grapplearts.com/search.php, type in "Canada" and you'll get a list of all the Canadian Schools in my database. Feel free to rip them off.

Anyone else: if your school isn't listed (check at the url above) you can add it at www.grapplearts.com/schoolform.htm - then your school will be listed and you can sit back and watch the dollars come rolling in..... ;)


School Name: Rebellion Jiu-Jitsu

Address: 510 Gordon Baker Rd., Toronto, ON

Website: www.rebellionjj.com

Phone Number: 416-677-2722

Email: info@rebellionjj.com

Name: White Rock Combat Club

Address: Combat Athletics Martial Arts Studio - 1160 King George Highway, White Rock, B.C.

Web Site: http://www.combatathletics.com

Phone: 604-538-2026

Email: info@combatathletics.com

Fax: 604-531-6979

School Name: Wrecking Gym

1400, Chemin de Chambly
Longueuil, Qc

Website: http://www.wreckinggym.com

Phone Number: 450-442-9776

E-mail: info@wreckinggym.com

Thanks guys...

Stephen...I really appreciate it, thank you.

White Tiger Brasilian Jiu Jitsu
416 999-2900
570 King street west Toronto Ontario
M5V 1M3

I was working in November on Dundas West in Toronto
and came across this dojo (I had heard of the guy's
name before, but this is the first time I had seen
or heard about this location). Does it sound familiar
to you Joe? Anyone?

Valter Sylvestre, Artes Divinas, Royler Gracie Team,
792 Dundas St., W., Toronto (between Bathurst and
Palmerston). dyvinesmartialart@sympatico.ca

When I was there in November, there were multiple
pictures in the store-front window of Mr. Sylvestre
with alot of the Gracie family, and a Royler Gracie Team logo/sign as well as other awards/pictures (one item I also recognized was a Joslin's Grappling belt that someone must have won at one of the Joslin's events, and they had it in the window as well).

When I went back this Monday past, they were closed
and all the pictures with the Gracie's and the
Royler Gracie Team logo had been removed. In their
places are pictures of Bruce Lee.

I didn't see a phone number advertised, and their
email address is not working as I keep getting emails

Legit? Fraud? Not sure. Interesting.

If they're a fraud, I nominate Wayne-o to go set
'em straight.

School Name: Regina Mixed Martial Arts

Address: 2054 Broad Street Regina, SK

Website: http://business.accesscomm.ca/jbossenberry/

Phone Number: 306-533-9996, 306-347-5577

School Name: Ronin Mixed Martial Arts

Address: 3059 Carling Ave., Ottawa, Ontario

Website: www.ronin-mma.com

Phone Number:613-596-0866

School Name: Montreal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Revolution Team

Address: Centre Marcel-de La Sablonniere, 4265 Papineau Avenue, Montreal, PQ (take the 45 bus from Papineau metro to Rachel)

Website: www.montrealbjj.com

Phone Number: (514) 849-3857

email: bjjmontreal@hotmail.com

Keep 'em coming.