Scott Bessac OG MMA/Lion’s Den AMA

I just have to say…
Guy Mezger was/is a fucking bad motherfucker.
Also smart as a whip.


Frank was looking like a different fighter in the Enson match.

I think the Contenders show was shortly after the split. The promo footage showed Frank training with Mikey and then the split happened and Mikey wasn’t allowed to go with Frank to the event.


Nobody has hit me back.Josh or Dominique.Maybe Team Shamrock & The Alliance were both going at the same time.

Why did Scott leave?

He said that he will come back after a certain someone can do 10 push ups





who are these old turds?

He said it was part of his indian heritage, supposedly to help his speed, it’s supposed to make you so fast you can fly. I have no clue.

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That is Wes Sims & Joel Surprenant.The WEC did not do a good job of match making on that fight,but keep in mind that the fighters fought for $100.Big Wes fought for free & also donated his sponsor money to Ryan.