Scott Bessac OG MMA/Lion’s Den AMA

I think the Contenders show was shortly after the split. The promo footage showed Frank training with Mikey and then the split happened and Mikey wasn’t allowed to go with Frank to the event.


Nobody has hit me back.Josh or Dominique.Maybe Team Shamrock & The Alliance were both going at the same time.

Why did Scott leave?

He said that he will come back after a certain someone can do 10 push ups





who are these old turds?

He said it was part of his indian heritage, supposedly to help his speed, it’s supposed to make you so fast you can fly. I have no clue.

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That is Wes Sims & Joel Surprenant.The WEC did not do a good job of match making on that fight,but keep in mind that the fighters fought for $100.Big Wes fought for free & also donated his sponsor money to Ryan.

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Dan Quinn


Big Wes, Sean McCorckle recently commented that the sport is made up of much more skilled guys than before and that fighters such as yourself would not be able to make the UFC these days. Care to comment?


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seems like it

Did his interview help?

If you are talking about Frank’s…no it did not.He played it off like it didn’t matter.

Bessac’s Lytes Out interview is worth a listen.


Listening to it now. I got distracted by the Melvin Guillard interview.

Talk about a blast from the past. I was the judge at the fight where Melvin fought Aaron Williams in Biloxi and they even mentioned John Dixons gym where I trained.

So, here is my story of that fight between Aaron Williams and Melvin. Aaron was on a tear, had won all 13 of his fights. His opponent didn’t show up and Melvin was there to watch and support his teammates, he was training with Warren Donnelly at the time, Joe Ancona was managing him

Aaron’s opponent was a no show, and Melvin agreed to fight him. I saw Melvin, and I saw his build, and how he moved, and his 'aura" I guess, and got a bad feeling. I told Aaron to be careful with him, and Aaron replied that he was undefeated and wasn’t worried

So of course Melvin tore through him, total domination. He was too strong, too explosive, too agressive , and too talented , I think the fight was over in a minute and half or so, and Melvin executed a belly to back suplex on Aaron .

Anyway, that’s my old school story . It’s still cool to look back and know that I had a very, very small part of the development of this sport, and a front row seat to see a lot of it happen


Cool story, Jimmy!

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It’s crazy how a lot of the pioneers are forgotten. Monty Cox, TJ Thompson, and promoters. Kevin Wu got things legal in California with his passion for the sport and never made any money. So many more to many to list. Nice post Jimmy23

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