Scrapper = Bad Man!

Fish: I just did the lunges and squats workout, and walking up my stairs felt like a marathon. You = very bad.

Yep, I usually get lots of evil looks when we do that workout in class. hahahaha!

Keep trainin hard!


When I was doing the pyramid push-ups, I felt my triceps and chest getting bigger and I my striking power increased but a day after Scrapper's workouts made me totally sore.

how about making you stronger? :)

Calisthenics CAN make you bigger but you won't get "bodybuilding big" by doing them.


yeah dammit!

I gained 7 kilos - solid stuff.

Scrapper, you're right about calisthenics making you bigger, better if I don't become too big. I don't even want to be bodybuilder big anyway. I want to get some girls and looking like a bodybuilder would probably repel them away. I just want to look human, not like those guys who are monstrously huge. I'm thinking of doing your workouts with a weighted back pack on my back. Scrapper = awesome man.

I'm glad you want to look "human" but you need to keep in mind that packing on pounds of muscle isn't as easy as some people make it out to be. For all the bashing that bodybuilding gets, even if you took steroids, it would still take a shitload of work to get "monstrously big".

Doing the workouts on my site with a weighted pack on can definitely build the kind of muscle the hotties like to put their hands on. ;)



Will you ever post the "Death Sentence" workout for your fans?

I know, I love it when people think they're going to baloon up. Especially the ladies, do they really think that after months of slow progress, they're going to wake up 20 pounds, heavier, solid muscle?

When I hear girls complaining that they bulked up too much, it's usually a body image problem.