Scrappers Mod 1

How does it compare to Bas mma wokout? Ive got Bas but was wondering about scrappers as well? Is he still in business cuz i noticed some people posting about not being able to get in touch with him. Im trying to think ahead for christmas. (hint to wife).

Good question. I sent an e-mail basically asking him the same thing regarding availability, but haven't received an answer. His sight is not processing orders via paypal, and I've noticed many of the same posts.
Its on my holiday list, but I may have to find something else to ask for.

The MOD 1 is an awesome addition to anyones workout toolbox. It is quite differnt from the Bas set.

I own both and think they are both great. SCRAPPERS MOD 1 does not have any MMA specific activities but it offers a lot of excellent workouts.

Also after doing SCRAPPERS stuff for a while you should learn how to create endless combinations of BWE workouts for yourself.

SCRAPPER is in Florida at the moment. He is doing some work there and is quite busy.

As far as I know the MOD 1 is still available. I think he may be shipping them from Florida at this point.