Sean Sherk vs Jake Short April 30

Sean Sherk vs Jake Short ICC IV April 30th

Fridley Minnesota - Minnesota Sports Cafe (formally spikers)

The Muscle Shark Sean Sherk will be making his ICC debut taking on Michigan's Jake Short.
Short claims he has the wrestling skill to take Sherk out of his game, off his feet and put Sherk away. Sean Sherk for his part has been racking up impressive wins and continues to be the top 170 lb fighter in the world.
This will be a war.

Also on the show – Growing Legend and Sherk training Partner Brock Larson defends his 185 lb title against 2002 Best of the Best Champion Jeff Doyle

Sam Morgan will be back in the ICC Cage to fight for vacated 170 lb title. Standing in Morgan's way of ICC gold is Matt Brady from Team Gomez.

Joe Riggs (soon to be in the UFC) is making his ICC debut taking on Michigan's Dave Vitkey. Both fighters are know for their heavy hands and aggressive styles.

Dan Duke after a very impressive win at XKK is stepping up to take on John Halverson.

We also have a 4 man Super Heavyweight tournament to crown the Minnesota State Champion among the big men

All this, the hottest ring girls in the game and much much more.

Dave is a bad mo-fo! He's been training hard and it shows. The kid has heart. Like an elephant. Good luck, boy.
Brendan "The Caucasian Devastation" Seguin

Congrats on landing Riggs. UFC's loss, your gain. Good job

This should be a very exciting night of fights!

First, Vitkay vs Riggs: Vitkay just won the DangerZone tourney by KO'ing Tyrone Roberts, UFC Vet, 26-3, and George Crawford. Dave loves to bang, and so does Riggs. Prediction: Someone is going to sleep.

Sam Morgan vs Matt Brady. This will be a ground battle. Matt does not have the experience in MMA that Sam does, however, Matt is good at Jiu-Jitsu. Prediction: The win will come via arm lock.

Short vs Sherk: This is going to be a very fast pace fight. Jake has won 5 fights in a row, and I think his style matches well against Sherk. Sean is one of the top fighters in the world. Prediction: Unanimous decision.

The reason I did not put the names is I think that it go either way. However pulling for Short, Brady, and Vitkay.

Dave Gomez

Dave, no diss to his opponent but Riggs on another level right now. Riggs by KO in under a minute. Belleeeeee dat!

Riggs is a bad mofo for sure! It's going to be exciting.


I am well aware that pretty much noone is given me a chance. I can understand why.. Sean Sherks is a very impressive fighter and typically wins in a dominating fashion.However..Sherk fighting 13 days before fighting me is insulting to be honest. It shows pretty much no respect for me whatsoever.. there is no doubt in my mind that Sherk will win this weekend versus Paudillo... i am just praying that he doesn;t get a cut or something along those lines preventing our fight from happening.. i have been training very hard for the fight and win or lose it can do nothing but make me a better fighter... WOrst case scenario would be for him to not be able to fight and to be honest... any replacement they could find would not be good enough.. So... i wish Sherk the best of luck in his fight this weekend.. I am looking forward to the 30th and our fight... i know members have previously stated that sherk does not take anyone lightly.. but taking a fight less then two weeks before he fights me... could end up being a huge mistake.. i am not trying to talk shit whatsoever i have nothing but respect for sherk and his skillz.. i just really question his Decision to fight on the 17th...and fight me on the 30th

Man of Steel

Short i believe that you have done the same as sherk has done, but i believe it was one week apart. Two fights within a week? That doesn't show too much respect. Anyway your wrestling is nasty and it will be an interesting matchup. Best of luck.


Jake, last time I heard about that type of situation was Medina-White in KOTC and we all know how that fight went

Reilly, will you PLEASE E-mail me at

Sean will be fine fighting twice in 2 weeks .....He wont suffer any damage in HI ...His elbows might have a bruise or two but that will be about it ....Also hes getting paid decent money to fight 2 weeks before his fight with you so hes got to do what hes got to do make a living ......

Go Sherk!


Hey Mike,

RITC has Riggs fighting Johnson on April 30, is Riggs confirmed against Vitkay?



I'm going based on what Joe's manager is telling me - Hope everything works out
Thanks Mike



Dave Vitkay is a bad mofo I've been training a long time and he has more raw ability than anyone I have seen.Don't count him out.Go team Michigan!!!

TTT for Sherk, Larson, and the rest of the MN crew!