Sean Sherk would be LW champion today and in the top three at WW

Y’all must have forgot.

Sherk set the gameplan that guys like Chandler, Gaethje, Colby, and Cejudo all should have used with their skillsets.

His only losses were to the #1 all-time WW, the #2 all-time WW, the #1 all-time LW, and an all-time top ten P4P.

To the supposed “evolution” of the sport, none of the strikers in the LW and WW divisions today can really wrestle, and none of the wrestlers can really strike (or in the case of the LW division, there’s only one real wrestler to be found). Sherk combined both abilities to brutal effect.

During the buildup to Gaethje’s fight with Khabib, the word on the street was that Justin had heavy hands and the wrestling ability to negate the Dagestani. We saw how that turned out. Sherk was the fighter everyone thought Gaethje was, in that he actually utilized his striking in conjunction with his wrestling.



Do you think he’d pass the drug tests?


Probably the same way as any number of current guys do.


Love the Muscle Shark


In this day and age he would probably fight at 125/135


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125/135 is correct. Maybe 145. Definitely not anywhere near 170.

Sherk set the gameplan that guys like Chandler, Gaethje, Colby, and Cejudo all should have used with their skillsets.

Only Chandler has the explosiveness to pull that style off (but not the cardio).

Sherk did have the style to be good in any era though. He would struggle big time against good footwork guys, as Edgar proved. Also a bit too much of non threat in terms of finishing.


The muscle midget would be getting knocked out by Sean O’Malley


Unfortunately this is reality.

Progression of the skills in this sport over the years has vastly improved

Sean Sherk has shorter arms than Artem “GOAT” Lobov

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And did u know Sherks uncle is a referee…
Mini brock

He beat Kenny Florian and Nick Diaz, both of whom are far better strikers than O’Malley.

The “evolution” of MMA skills is probably the biggest lie in the sport. Most skills have decreased, not improved. To use LW as an example, you went from guys like Florian, BJ, Guida, Sherk, Diego, who posed a threat both standing and on the ground, you now have far more one-dimensional guys like Gaethje, Chandler, Dustin, Khabib, and Islam.

We just watched a WW championship match between a guy who can’t strike and a guy who can’t wrestle. Where’s the supposed evolution?



He’s not beating Islam. Justin. Dustin. Charles.

Gtfo you oldheads want to feel special so badly. Your precious little fighters from the past just aren’t cutting it in todays mma world

Very few fighters from the old days would be great today. Sean steroids Sherk is not one of them


Imagine Sean reaction to being kicked in the calf by Dustin and Justin. He would have zero clue what is happening and he’d have his base taken from him so fast

Charles would finish him in the first round. Maybe even the first minute

And lollllll Islam’s skill set is Worlds beyond anything Sean ever saw

Get real dude


love sean. but no.


Neither of them could stop his takedowns.

It would look like Charles vs Islam.

Islam’s striking is not as good as Sherk’s.

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Ok now I know you’re trolling

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Sean Sherk is 3 tiers lower than islam. At everything

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