Sean Sherk's Trash Talking=Irony

Does anyone else find the irony/humour in Sherk shit talking Penn?

The only way Sherk wins that fight is leg humping Penn in rounds 3-5 if he finds some way to survive the first two.

Usually it's guys that can finish fights in brutal fashion that talk alot of shit.

Also, he's a convicted cheater.

insert 200 posts from butt hurt wrestlers below

^^^ Did you not hear Sean!!? hello!!!His boxing is gonna fuck BJ up!!

he sounded like a TUF noob sitting on his couch "if that was me in there
id have......." yeah its not you because youre a cheater. and when it is you
those grade A boxking skills you flaunt are not going to be an issue.

Sherk is trying to walk BJ in to focusing on his striking.

Yet when it comes to fight time, Sherk will either go straight for the take-down attempts, or he will blow his wad in striking only to realize his arms are too short and then he'll go for the take down.

Either way, Sherk will screw the fans over via boring ass fight tactic.

If Sherk could barely put away Kenny Florian, then I'm sure BJ is going to cut the crap out of his head.

My hope is that BJ takes it via ankle lock.

Are all the wrestlers still in bed humping their pillows?

it will look alot like the stevenson fight except BJ actually hates sherk and
will be motivated by anger. bj liked joe and look what happend to him.

"I don't respect you"

"You're only going to be champ for one fight"

Everyone I watched the fight with thought Sherk came off as the douche.

Sherk was also talking shit while commentating.

I was also surprised Sherk didn't admit he's been roiding and that BJ would beat him...?

Big surprise, all that "talking shit" stuff.

You guys are blind. Who do you think puts them up to that garbage? The D.

I see the pride/UFC hatter threads have bee replaced with BJ/Sherk Hatter

Sherk's a cheater and also delusional.

You realize BJ Penn wrestled too, right? No, really. That takedown defense didn't come from playing pajama party with the gi on.

WS, I must be missing your point.

My comments with regards to wrestlers are due to the fact that it is mostly wrestlers that defend Sherk's cheating and lack of finishing.

I hate the "They hate each other" angles they are always trying to play up.  I agree with the person upthread who was saying it sounded staged and he was reading lines.  Same thing when they had GSP do it awhile back with Hughes.

That being said, I won't be surprised if Sherk lays n prays in BJ's guard for a boring win.

I know Sherk's a great wrestler but Penn looked fantastic with top control. When Joe tried to climb to his feet against the fence Penn brought him right back down. I think their wrestling is close enough that it won't be a major advantage to either. BJ's standup looks much more damageing than Sherks although Sherk has good form and defense. Only way Sherk wins is cardio if he can avoid too much damage in the first 2 rounds.

Where is the irony? He didn't say "I'm going to rearrange BJ's face" or "You're dead!" (as BJ said to him) or even "I am going to submit/KO/TKO him". He said he is going to beat him.

He won't be able to touch BJ with his T-Rex arms.

Sherk was demonstrating classic Roid Rage in my opinion.

The irony is in the fact that he talked trash.

He should've been completely factual:

"I'm going to lay on you for more than 12.5 minutes of a 25 minute fight and get a decision...grrrr..."

*grrrr added to emphasize roid rage.