Sean Strickland details moment he wished he killed a man

UFC Vegas 33 main eventer Sean Strickland goes full Cypress Hill in wishing he could kill a man.

please…please…PLEASE Uriah Hall, knock this guy out cold in embarrassing fashion. As in Anderson Silva/ Forrest Griffin level embarrassing.


Could not agree more

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I don’t think Ive ever seen a guy go from “hero” to villain so quickly.

He gets a dick move/sub pulled on him, almost everyone backs him up, and then he goes on to talk shit about the small portion of people that didn’t back him up.

Now he basically regrets not shooting a guy just because even though he let the guy go and nothing came out of it.

This guy is a moron. Still a great fighter though.


Still on his side vs uriah “making fun of ronda makes you a terrorist” hall

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I’ll take “things that never happened” for $400, Alex.


War Strickland you fucking pansies.


War Hall


I understand his frustration, if someone held a shotgun to my head n then I was able to get it from him I’d wanna pop him too, ppl shouldnt b so quick to grab guns


Strickland is a tough SOB. I’ve watched him literally beat up everyone at multiple gyms. The guy trains super hard and has unbelievable confidence. I used to think he was an asshole but he’s just psychotically competitive and wants to be pushed to the max.

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^^^ but that said, I love Uriah Hall and I also used to see him train at Reign for about a year straight after coming off TUF. Lots of people that spar with Hall end up injured caused he throws spinning shit and is unorthodox. This should be a hell of a fight.

its always smart to avoid potential legal trouble
and to not run your mouth

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He said nothing wrong here. You guys are like women…


Sounds completely stable and normal


wow, surprising, who would have thought a guy who fights for money would be violent or unstable. So weird.

i dont think many fighters wish they shot a guy in the face.Most Ive met are former athletes But Im sure theres a few unstable ones as well

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I don’t think many fighters have had a shotgun stuck in their face either…

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We guys or women?

Make up your mind.

haha misunderstanding there, son. being a fuckwitt is different

ive had gun stuck in my face and wrestled him to the ground before he left But Im not a fighter but i would not have shot him once