Sean Strickland talks with the Schmo!

He seems a wild dude!

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I’m excited for this fight! I don’t think I’d get along great with Sean, but he’s a fun personality to watch from afar. Would make me nervous to be around, let alone train with.

I think Luke should win this fight but won’t. I also think Sean is going to have a run of injuries in the next few years that keeps him away from title contention. If he really trains as wildly as it appears, I don’t think he can sustain it.


Dude is definitely chemically imbalanced.


LMFAO at “When he’s fucking, he makes sure there’s a mirror right there just so he can look at himself”. I’m super excited for this matchup. A lot of heat already!

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If i was like 10, maybe I would love the Schmo. but as a 37 year old, dude, are you still gonna be acting like this when your 40? You cant make it as a real journalist so you have to resort to being a character? Well I guess it worked for Cheal…

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Chael is very funny. He has a schtick he puts on for fights, but he isn’t that in podcast.

Schmo. I just don’t know what to say. I don’t want to “hate” on people, but the look, the character, the fucking clothes. I just don’t like any part of it. None nope bye. Could be awesome, don’t care.


Not disagreeing that he’s not completely a balanced individual but what he’s doing here is obviously a pro wrestling shtick. Playing up to the schmo.

Have you seen any of his other interviews or his social media in general? That is 100% how he acts all the time lol

The Schmo kind of fell off. Came on hard then hit a plateau

I loved that interview. The Schmo brings out the crazy in his interviews lol.


Yeah, I like schmo.

I would have thought his schtick would be irritating, and be beside the point, but he does it so well, and with such sincerity, it actually enlivens the MMA interview.

It gets fighters talking in a way they wouldn’t usually do.


Fighters enjoy it. It also disarms them a bit so they relax. It also allows the schmo to ask any question he may choose.


Did you see when Ray Seffo came up to him and joked with him? He was 100% laying it on thick at the beginning.

Sean is a cool guy. He has always been respectful to me and my guys and a good training partner. He goes hard but so do we. He grew up training with my main partner so we all kind of have a similar attitude. He is a professional so he trains as hard as he does for a reason. He is funny as fuck and outrageous at times but that makes him who he is. His ground game is probably where he is best. It’s funny nobody knows that yet but he grew up in BJJ.



If he beats Rockhold he has to be close to a title shot. Maybe Cannonier vs Brunson for the #1 contender and Strickland vs Hermansson after.

I don’t think Sean gets along great with Sean but he is an entertaining fighter. His interviews are cringe and Rockhold should beat him but he might pull a Rockhold and act like his chin is granite and get his dumb ass KTFO.

I like him but he can rub people the wrong way very easily. He literally brags about the people he just beat up at the last gym. Idk, little too cocky for my liking but he’s backing it up and I wish him nothing but success

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Sean Strickland “Mr. I just wanna hurt people and end their life” gets his shoulder cranked during a grappling match then cries like a baby because the guy “hurt” him. How ironic.


It was a few weeks before his biggest UFC fight and Osito 100% was a douche for pulling that move.

Sean is a very smart guy, the way he withdrew from that confrontation instead of engaging (he only threw a semi hard front kick I believe) was very smart considering Osito had like 4-5 guys backing him up and totally coked up + drinking in the gym.

You know he could have boxed Osito’s ears off but that would have gotten him jumped and probably hurt and then this opportunity would have never happened.

I don’t blame him for snapping at the haters the next day, saying he would beat them up in front of their kids was crossing the line but now we know this is his character and it seems to be working for him with a lack of charismatic (or just plain loud) fighters in the current active roster.