Secrets Revealed: Hallman vs Trigg

Dennis hallman plans to reveal how he will choke out Frank Trigg in June.....

Presents The South Sound Mixed Martial Arts Seminar

Dennis "Superman" Hallman

Washington State High School Wrestling Champion
US Pankration Champion
United States Submission Wrestling Champion
Former US Infantry Combative Instructor
Undefeated in Kickboxing
Veteran of 60+ professional NHB Fights Including:
The Ultimate Fighting Championship
King of the Cage
Japan's Shooto Organization
Ultimate Athlete
Abu Dhabi Combat
International Fighting Championships
Undefeated in Kickboxing

This seminar is open to ALL martial artists and will cover:
Stand up techniques for reality combat
Take down techniques for reality combat
Grappling Techniques (positions, submissions, escapes and reversals)
Striking from any position
How to defeat a grappler
Training Theory and drills to enhance your skills

Bring workout clothes for hands on training or just watch and cameras welcome


Perpetual Motion 700 O'Leary Rd NW
Olympia WA 98501

This 3hr seminar is only $30
For More information call:

dj, are you going to be recording the seminar? i don't have a recorder

If there is a God, Hallman will choke Trigg out.

TTT for evidence & "Superman"

ttt for Hallman and Yelm power.

You cannot fuck with that.

dude I've seen the fight.

It was a front kick SQUARE in the nuts.

Right on Hollywood Blond!

You have kneed the correct in the nut's.

Hollywood Dong and Humpknee, WTF are you talking about? I was 3 rows back, and I don't even know what knee you are talking about. Trigg's heel hit Hallman right in the groin, that is all.

I understand the steel cup is on order.

meathook is correct.

"i havent seen the fight but sometimes you dont have to hit the groin directly for it to hurt. if it hits close enough, it hurts the same."

Ain't that the truth, I've been kneed in the general area and not directly but it hurts just as bad.

Hallman definitely needs to work on his groin strike defense!!

thats where i'm putting my money. i think hallman going to make quick work of him

Hallman was throwing a high kick when it happened. I was ringside shooting this event.

Hollywood fag,

Grow up...

Hallman finishes Trigg handily in this one. Trigg = wrestler who thinks he can fight. Hallman = fighter who can do everything. Case closed.

Dennis has brushed up on his groin defense tactics...he'll be back from the showers in time to chase a ring girl before the main event after disposing of Frank Trigg.

YELM power is gonna get'cha!

Look for an upcoming interview with 'Superman' at


Anybody have some video of the first fight?

I can give you a play by play....

Hallman and Trigg exchange strikes on their feet...Hallman looks to get the better of them (for a couple minutes)....Trigg lands the low blow...Hallman drops in pain....dry heaves....Trigg wins the WFA WW Title.

Dennis even invited Trigg to his seminar FOR FREE.

What a good sport!