Serra and TAPOUT Sponsorship

In the recent episode of the television show TAPOUT, several issues regarding Matt Serra's affiliation with the company were brought into question.  Matt wants it to be known that his conversation with Charles (aka mask) was edited totally out of context.  Matt’s sponsorship by TAPOUT has been always been one of respect and loyalty.

Matt was promised by TAPOUT that they would produce a special edition Serra short for his upcoming championship fight. This promise was never fulfilled! The conversation that was aired without Matt's consent had nothing to do with wanting more money nor leaving them for another sponsor.  The conversation was simply about Matt wanting to know if they could get the short produced by the time of his fight with GSP.  They never would follow through with the shorts they promised. This is what the “real” conversation was about and nothing else!   In the end, Matt decided to go with Sprawl after they guaranteed that they would produce the shorts that he wanted for the fight.  In addition, most people do not know that one of Matt's jiu jitsu students is affiliated with the Sprawl Company and throughout Matt’s MMA career he remained with TAPOUT. He turned down several lucrative deals so that he could remain loyal to TAPOUT.

Everyone who knows Matt personally knows that he is a very loyal and honorable individual who tells it like it is! Matt is very proud to be the UFC Champion and looks forward to providing exciting fights in the future to all the MMA fans around the world!

what will he wear his next fight

ah too bad for Matt most people will only know the other verion as TV owns message boards.
he's sooo bummed

He didn't need to give permission as his voice was never heard on the show. As they always say, "there are two sides to every story."

Matt did the smart move and went with a more reputable company.

matt seems like the kinda guys that would let you know what he said. if he wanted more money he would have said "gimme more money." while im not a huge fan of his i think he is quite trustworthy

I think Matt looks cool in that InsideFighting photo above wearing his Sprawl shorts. But that's just me.  


Hmmmm ... I know there are two sides to every story, but .... Mask saying another company offered him more money, that's why Matt went with Sprawl, is BS? Who's full of $hit?

how much did they offer him?

ttt for the CHAMP, his interviews recently on TAGG and MMAWEEKLY Radio and the late show were KICKASS

Matts in good hands now.

TTT for Matty and SPRAWL

I want some special edition Serra shorts!

But the question remains...

Is Rich's story true?


i bet the excuse from tapout will be "bad editing by the network", they didn't mean it to come out like that. Tapout should have not brought that up at all imo.

The way they TRIED to clown Franklin was bad enough.

There is a TAPOUT television show? When and where?

what happened with franklin?

Rough transcription of the first episode:

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Here's some random sluts for the show! Hee hee hoo. I'll take some pictures and get in the real photographer's way! Heeee heee giggle giggle hoo!

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Im'a go see my dawg, Pat Militich! Whut? He's training my other dawg's opponent? Being unprepared and unaware of these things is street, dawg. Hee hee!

Aaaaw, yeah! Fight night. Hee hoo hoo hee! Mah dawg won! What now? Huh? What? What, bitch? Want me to send my little friend after you?

Owen Money, I think you deserve to get a show of your own :)