Seth Mauls Severn.....

Hartnett just called said Severn was a bloody mess.

Seth even knocked him down with a highkick.

Sets up a good match Seth vs Paul

I predicted this to happen...Seth is a gamer


Maybe Dan should've studied tape and made a game plan for this one.

Don't worry, Dan-Dan will be back

Big win for Seth over a very game Dan.

Now Seth is scheduled to battle in a big 8 man Heavyweight Tourney in Holland on 2/22/04 featuring Magdomedov and Einemo.

Nice win Seth !

Quit trolling Dhira.

Damn...Dan losing doesnt happen much. Getting mauled...never!

I have never seen him get mauled. He usually does Ok, then gets caught in a sub.

good win tho

Seth could have DESTROYED Dan in the 1st round but didn't

It looked rediculous. the guys pacing around for the first 2 rounds.

The high kick from Seth KO'd Dan but the ref didn't get there before Seth did so it ket goin.

Way to go "Eyebrows"!!!!!!!!

Seth hit him so hard he knocked his pants down. LOL
Wait till some pictures are up, things get scary.

Sucks for Dan. I reffed his fight last weekend and he was a really cool guy. Don't know Seth but congrats to him.

Dan was Ok after the fight. He was always one of Seths favorite guys (him being a wrestler also) and I know. After the fight Dan gave one of the classiest speachs ever. I hope to be able to be half as physicaly actice as Dan at his age.

Congrats Seth!

KO'd him?

Funny thing, Severn probably made more money in his loss then others made for their win... and he will continue to be back for more. Good for him.

Congratulations, Seth!

KWJ stop trolling.

Pay Daren his money you cheap ass.

IMHO I think if Dan would have pressed the fight it would have made the fight more Interesting But both fighters showed alot of respect for one another but in the End Seths Arm was raised......rd 1 seth rd2 either one rd3 um alilmore Dan and he would have takedn the belt back home with him

ttt for seth