Sex before a fight?

Here's a write up - What do you think?

Article Here

I say no for a couple a weeks before a fight.

I say hit it when you can get it...

But I'm just a civilian.

As Led Zepplin Says' How many more times?

Some guys go for a long time.

I think it's a little bit more of a wives tale. Some guys have sex the night before a fight and feel fine. It's all mental.

Makes your legs week;)

With some of the lack luster grappling going on sometimes it loks like sex during a fight!!

I thought you were asking...

I throw down the day of the fight. Relieve some stress.

Furious - LOL, no thanks, I'm good. :)

from the article:

'According to Jannini, it is abstinence that will dramatically reduce testosterone levels, not intimacy. "After three months without sex, testosterone can drop to children's levels," he says.'

I was wondering why my voice changed again.

no wonder I look like a fat 10 year old...

logs into

No Sax before a fight....

LOL @ Furious. I've done it before and gone without, and I have not noticed any difference. My old boxing coach used to swear by the rule- no sex before. But, I say fuck it (no pun intended...)

I usually wait until afterwards and then it's ok.

Sex before a fight? No thanks. I like my trainer a lot but prefer to warm up in a more conventional manner.


I'd say a few days off.

It truly depends on the guy. Those who are passive by nature may like 2-4 weeks without sex in order to build up aggression.

Those who are aggressive by nature may want to take less time.

Well i don't fight...but i'm a musician and sometimes before a big gig (I imagine it's similar to how you feel before a fight), i like to have sex. It's like D-lau said, It relieves stress.

My bf left for Iraq 2 months ago, and I have to say I have been very intolerant and straight up mean lately. Ove 10 years of training and I have never lost my temper once till about 2 weeks ago... I demolished some poor dude after he cranked my neck.

Jerzey - LOL!
ang how you been?

Not sure how it works for the ladies but guys trade out their swimmers every 72 hours. Theoretically you could have as much as you want as long as you time it so the 72 hours ends, say, 3 hours after the event. Then you'd be near max volume and lifespan when you fight.

I've done both and didn't feel much different. Leads me to believe it's mental... I could be completely wrong, but if that makes it not affect me, just goes to show what your mind can do.

How's it goin' Charlie?