Shamrock/Baroni Press Conf (VID)

Check it out.


If you wanna skip to Baroni/Shammy, let the vid load and go to the last 5 min.


 "Your looking kinda scrawny you need some Gamma-O bitch!"

That was freakin hilarious.


Baroni starts talking @ 21 minutes into the vid...good press conference IMO.


ttt 4 latah!

LMAO @ U Fight Cheap org.

thanks G Hand no way am i sitting through 30 minutes of fluff


i like the "why you thankin the promoter? they lock you in a cage and tell you to fight."


Phil Baroni=Brooklyn Brawler

Looking forward to that fight

this could be a great show........TTT


"This ain't about fighting in my hometown and fighting hand picked opponents."

-Hope Cung Le was paying attention.

Gary Shaw comes across as... i dont know. i dont want to say slimy... but...

I don't like it. Like full of himself. I don't enjoy seeing him talk at all.