i guess my thread title says it all, shane rice won the Pan Ams adult brown belt light weight division today... please join me in offering huge congratulations to shane! that is fucking wicked dude.

Congratulations on your victory Shane! First of many in the very near future.

Get ahold of me Bro.... We've got business to discuss.

Congrats Shane. Your hard work and dedication is paying off. Can't wait till you get to Halifax.

it is noteworthy that shane only received his brown belt within the past couple of weeks.

TTT for another Canadian winning the Pan-ams!!


"it is noteworthy that shane only received his brown belt within the past couple of weeks."

Colin I was thinking that exact same thing when I read your thread title.

Congrats Shane!!!!



amazing accomplishment, congrats!

congratulations my friend!! Awesome accomplishment!!

Where is Shane from? Who does he train with?

shane is from nova scotia, and has trained with rickson gracie since he was a white belt, originally travelling to seminars etc, then eventually moving to l.a.. he has taught at rickson's academy for several years now, taking occasional breaks to live in nova scotia. he will be returning to nova scotia on may 4, and i believe he will be training at fitness plus in dartmouth. shane, correct me if i am wrong on any of this.

congrats! huge accomplishment!

TTT for the East coast boys kicking ass and representing on the International level.

Congratulations Shane. Well deserved victory!




Thats awesome, great job bro. Waiting for you to get back training in Hali.

Big win! Congrats. and only a brown belt for a few weeks. amazing!

Congrats Shane!