Shockwave WAND vs HUNT

That was a horrbile decision. Was there any uproar on the UG when Wand
lost that decision? It was Wand;s first loss in PRIDE too... Wand only got
dazed once in the fight and the rest of the time he was on the offensive
and took Hunt down at will. He was an animal to take that fight. I got
the dvd(Shockwave 2004) for an early xmas present as well as "bad Blood"

Frye vs Shamrock.

There was *minor* uproar on the UG.  I remember the fight being close, and thinking the decision could literally go either way.  I would have called it a draw personally, but I haven't watched it since it happened.


Ive watched it three times yesterday.

bad decision plus it shows you just how much of killer Wand is fighting a
guy who weighed close to 3 bills with great stamina and standup

It was a close fight for sure, I was kind of pissed with the decision because I wanted Wand to win and I thought he had pulled it off at the end but I think Hunt got the nod for damage and being closest to finishing. I think it would have gone the other way in the UFC.

there was a minor uproar, but a huge portion of the UG likes Hunt and still think he is a good MMA fighter, and I have no clue why.

Who cares about the decision? The atomic butt drop is the single greatest move ever performed in MMA!

I remember Mayhem on the UG, after the fight, saying he was going to do it in one of his fights, but I don't think he ever did. :(

One of my favorite fights to watch. I always thought Wand should've got the decision.

"I like Hunt's expression when his name is called, he was like "Huh, wtf? umm ok"."

I think that says a lot.

I saw an interview with Hunt after where he was asked how he was able to beat the best p4p fighter in the sport and his answer was that he outweighed him by 80 pounds and he didn't think it was that big of a deal(basically writing the victory off to the weight difference).

Fact: Wand got taken to a decision by a overweight kickboxer who had two weeks notice and a broken ankle, lol"

Fact: Wanderlei weighed 204 to Hunt's 280 and had two weeks' notice that instead of Sakuraba, he would be fighting an un-KOable K-1 champ.

I thought Silva won. Hunt really only had the knockdown, and seconds later he was fighting off an armbar. Silva had tons of takedowns and many sub attempts and cracked him a couple times standing.

It was a very hard fight to judge.

Hunt by far did the most damage and came closest to finishing.

None of Wand's attempts were that deep so they count as "catches" but not as much as if Hunt had barely escaped with his life.

Wand had some solid TDs and really finished strong.

Hunt during the decision was doing the Mark Kerr "take these gloves off me immediately I hate this sport!" shit and then hears his name as is like "alright"

If you are complaining about this decision, and you also like to complain about how the UFC judging criteria are inferior to the old Pride judging criteria, you need to shut the fuck up.

Silva could have won but he decided to lay in the mount throwing little arm punches for the last 3 minutes of the fight instead of going for the finish.

Yeah, but w/ Pride's weight difference rule (10 kilo?) they always give close matches to the smaller guy.

Wand should've got the decision IMO. Kinda shows Hendo's power.... he did what Hunt couldn't.

"Silva got pwnd, what fight were you watching?"

The one where Hunt had like four good punches and Silva had everything else. I thought the judges were supposed to judge a 20-minute fight, not a 30-second highlight reel.

Wand had something in his glove. after the buttplomp, he gets on top and kinda eyegouges and a silver ring drops out of his hand. weird looking incident, dunno what it was, but something rolls out of his hand, and the ref picks it up. Hunt won by having more 'ring generalship', which was a big deal in Pride.imo.

Silva is a stud for fighting Hunt. I doubt any other LHW, except maybe Hendo, would do some shit like that. He landed some steamy ones square on Hunt's chin that would've dropped anyone else.

Didn't Hunt lose a point for the weight advantage? Also I'll have to get home and watch it again but did they issue any yellow cards?

I was shocked that WAND lost, SHOCKED

Im a huge huge Wand fan. I would have preferred a draw than giving Wand the nod, too close to call.

I think the scoring criteria for the weight difference was not in effect for that fight. If I remember right, Hume mentioned that.

In Pride being the closest to finishing the other guy gets the nod on the JD but I was still surprised. Wand deserved the W on guts alone. A couple of times he took Hunt down he could have simply G'n'P but in true Chute Boxe fashion he got up and tried to stomp Hunt to hell.

It would have been fun had those stumps landed. It would have probably made Hunt mad like CroCop's high kick did. That man cant be KOed!!