Sorry crap pics frommy phone....forgot my G12 :(

600yds.....HOLY HELL!


Respect to these old guys....they SHOOTERS! The former Squid could hammer-fuk you with his M1 Garand! The guy on the mat got a kick outta me catching my ejected brass in the air.....but hey,I never had to hunt formy brass :p Had fun with these guys!

From the 500 through my spotting scope

In the dirt, my view downrage from 600

Was at the RTF from 0630-1530 WHOA!

i hope i fit in w/ you guys. but i wonder...

LOL! lots of weirdos in shooting.....kinda like martial arts :p

sarge just make sure you guys don't start any food conversations in front of fctv. could go very well or VERY BAD. don't wanna take the chance on the latter. oh brutha!


full on shoot out caused by some idiot saying TO MY FACE;


 or "it aint sushi if it aint got orange dressing drizzled over it! Genki sushi is the best!"

Awesome post Phone Post

I did so-so today.....lost it on my adjustment with the new scope :( I gotta get mil adjustments plotted out, my original scope is a MOA reticle/knobs and this one is mil/mil. Still managed ~87% average, a few 7s and lots of 8s :( Don't know what the overall scores were,I had to leave @3:30.

There was at least two custom built F-class rigs.....18# guns with ~30in. truck-axle barrels :O I scored for one guy and he was banging 9&10s solidly.

The older gents were shooting an M1 Garand and an M1A and some Guard shooters were shooting M16s.

We gotta field a "TEAM HG".....whose in?

I'm serious......"TEAM HG"!

Come on fukkers!

I got connections for sponsored energy drinks :p



LOL @ Sponsors for Energy drinks!!! Phone Post

Seriously hoping we can get interest in forming a team!

But not holding my breath :(


does shotgun count?

TheAlchemist - does shotgun count?


But no :p

The reason is, a shotty is more specialized/less common.....probably :p

I'd like to get at least 3-6 shooters and I think the most common rifle is something like any model of AR or heavy-barreled bolt action rifle in .223/.308

The way I figure, many own or thinking about buying an AR, and maybe by offering some group fun and training in marksmanship fundamentals people will join up :p Likewise with a heavy-barreled bolt gun with the growing popularity of F-Class shooting comps. Other types of semi-auto .223/.308 semi-autos would be cool too, so M1A/M14,HKs, Sigs or whatever!

People don't have to get all full-bore, comp builds, standard/rack-grades are fine. The goal is to improve skill and maximize ability or what you have......and have FUN! The Guard shooters are shooting rack M16A2s mostly, some guys doing F-Class are running Remington 700 PSS, etc.

Even if you're a novice and don't have much shooting experience HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO LEARN! :p I has a little small arms training and competition experience and experience with reloading and user level firearms maintenance so it won't be operating blind. Kyokoshincatch likewise has skills and experience and seems to have interest ;p

So how 'bout it HGers?

*holds breath....

*passes out

*drops dead


Sgt. Slaphead - 
TheAlchemist - does shotgun count?


But no :p


*rigor mortis sets in

*death certificate issued