Shooto A&B Class - Melb - 12/02/04

Just got off the phone to John Donehue from Extreme.

He is planning to host another Shooto event early next year and is looking to confirm interest from MMA fighters/coaches.

A & B Class matches available.

Currently scheduled for 12th February 2004.

Venue is penciled as the Keilor BasketBall Stadium which holds 3,000 people!

Looking for available fighters at all weights.

Direct enquiries to John Donehue at

Great to see another show so soon, no doubt looking to build on the momentum of the November show at the Powerhouse!



G you have mail

With Shooto whats the difference between A & B class? Is it just striking to the head on the gound and how many and how long are the rounds G?

Looking to compete on this night. I've just mailed John D for some info and registration forms. Who is with me?

You all now have nearly 12 weeks to prepare for this event, so the excuses used on the C class post won't suffice here!

Hope we can all jump in on this event and support the sport we've been trying to estblish here in Vic.

Peace and thanks to John and Larry for creating this opportunity. They just might be the reason someone's dream comes true!


Class-A and Class-B use the same rules (just like UFC, except no elbow or forearm strikes, and Shooto uses a 10-count for knock-down from standing).

The difference for A v. B is that A is for expert level fighters who are well versed in the complete skill sets required for MMA (striking, grappling, etc...) and who have verifiable skills with documented experience. B is for guys who are less experienced and need do some work do develop their all-around game, OR at least need to prove that they are ready for Class-A with some good performances.

This Class system helps to prevent miss-matches by keep B against B and A against A. Class-A is 3 x 5-minute rounds, Class-B is 2 x 5-minute rounds

Cool angeel i have sent my email to JD also. I was one who wasn't ready to fight a C Class fight with only 3 weeks notice. You have to remember C Class is right up there with amature boxing as it is 2x3min rounds and amature boxing is 3x2 mins rounds for novices. And i dont see many on here rushing in to amature boxing, but your right angeel, with 10 weeks notice there is no excusses for missing this one because your not ready!

B Class sounds great, "for guys who are less experianced and need to do some work to develop their all round game" do i fit into to that when i need to develop a game full stop.
Now all i have to do is find someone to train with and teach me something. And learn how to fight standing up and also learn how to grapple with no gi. :)

... Keats, Class-C is the way to go brother.

But i have to fight A or B to get a green name otherwise i have to pay to get a blue name. ;)

I see... that definately is an issue... :)

Great to see another MMA show establishing itself on the Australian scene.


I think the great think about it is its in a new state compared to the others. I think once every state is able to have shows the sport will really go through the roof.

Who else on here is thinking about fighting on this card?

Unfortunately a little early for me but I would love to be involved later in the year.


niel hows the leg man?

i was thinking about it...
but im going to be out for a while with my knee.


Be awesome to have you on a Melbourne card.


The legs healing slowly, just want to make sure its 100% before I get back. Hoping to make 2004 an injury free year so wont grapple again till my body is fully healed.

Sounds very familiar mate, look forward to seeing you back in action soon.



G, anychance your going to be ready to fight on the Melb card? Or have you learnt a leasson and think its a bit to soon?