Short shorts

I'm looking for a pair of running shorts style of shorts that are good for squatting and deadlifting.  I hate lifting in basketball shorts.  


I'm looking for a nylon type of material (not mesh).  I can cut out the lining so no worries there.  Ideally, I would also like some kind of pocket (not just the key pocket).


I bought a pair of Soffe's but the out short is see through and I can't wear those in the weight room.  I need a solid color and material.  


If you have a suggestion or a link, I would greatly appreciate it.

How short are you trying to go, like ass-cheeek hanging out short?

or more like this:

( prefer the latter- knees and quads exposed when standing, but my ass cheeks arent hanging out either if i squat. I cut out the netting if they are swim shorts)

I lift and run in board shorts. You can probably get generic brands for cheap at a local sporting goods store.

I tried to lift in actual running shorts and the material was too thin/weak for certain exercises where the weight may drag against your shorts.

Plus, board shorts aren't as droopy as basketball shorts.

I by a size smaller basketball short. Works out well. Phone Post 3.0

I have a pair of Under Armour that are great. The bottom of them are at mid thigh. I make sure I use them specifically for leg day Phone Post 3.0

Get some Marine Corps silkies Phone Post 3.0

Look into rugby shorts I love working out in mine plus they are stylish Phone Post 3.0

Muay Thai shorts Phone Post 3.0

This is gonna sound lame, but Everlast has really nice shorts like these at K mart. I used to buy fight shorts for like $50 , but now I buy three pairs for under $50. Sure they don't last quote as long, but they are super lightweight and they don't restrict any movement at all. They are pretty much perfect for Muay Thai and kicking. Phone Post 3.0