should gi?s be allowed?

Personally I think the gi is an unfair advantage in SOME cases. Its almoast like an extra weapon in an MMA fight. Why not have everyone follow same dress code? I do realize the gi can also be used against its wearer, but only by other gi experts.

For the record I train in BJJ and love it! No disrespect intended. Im talking NHB.


Im no expert but the BJJ guys Ive rolled with really used my gi against me. Without the gi I am much better. The gi makes it easier to choke among other things and we know without it the gloves make chokes more difficult. Also since hardley anyone wears the gi anymore a guy with a gi could surprise an unsuspecting opponet.

The gi can be used as a weapon. You can hold the cuff sleeve to do chokes from the guard a LOT easier.

I think they should allow it. It's both an advantage and a disadvantage to the guy who is wearing it. You can definitely use it to choke, but it can also be used to choke you. Not to mention the fact that you can grip someone with a gi on just about anywhere, which opens up the oppourtunity for throws. How about doing it on a case by case basis? If one guy wants to wear the gi, and the other guy is ok with it, whats the problem?

I agree about the Yoshida fight that was great.

The problem with doing it case by case....what if one guy disagrees?

Why do you think even BJJ guys are hardly wearing gi's anymore??

Well I think if they disagree, then the one who really wants to fight should just compromise. If I were to fight and I wanted to weara gi, but the other guy wasn't into it, I would just not wear the gi and fight anyway.

Can i wear rubber parachute pants and use them to suffocate people?


what about wrestling shoes?

Similar to the gi in that they can help traction and stability, but also be used against you with leg locks. Also, you couldn't kick. I haven't seen these in a while are they still legal?

I would lean toward tape only for the feet.


Pride allows shoes,the UFC does not.


So far all have been for the gi. I'm not surprised but I would like to hear more opinions. Am I way off base on this one? What if gloves where optional?

Just curios what MMA community thinks.

I can see the argument that gi's should go, but in the end, it is just another tool that a person may or may not be able to use to his advantage. It is no different than a muy thai guy saying he should not fight a grappler because grappling is a tool he does not have himself. The gi is simply a tool which may or may not help a guy. After all this is MIXED Martial Arts. If uniformity is the goal, don't compete in MMA. That's why there are lots of other martial art events with stricter rules. If you only want shoes and jackets, go do sambo; if you only want to kick and throw, go do Muy Thai; you get the idea.

Same goes with the shoes. I always thought it was funny that kicking would be a concern when one has shoes on. We will let a guy get kicked full on in the face without shoes, but shoes are dangerous?

I also think nunchucks should be allowed in MMA, and swords too ;o)


SamboSteve, i bet tank would be pretty good with a katana......

This is a no-gi sport, so no.

I don't care if Pride allows them, but I'm glad that the UFC doesn't allow it. (Or shoes for that matter.)

When you look at MMA as a sport, there should be rules for the uniform. All sports have dress codes to make everything as neutral as possible.