Should Hughes vs Charuto B4 Title?

I thought I read that BJ told Dana that he might drop back to LW. If this is case, wouldn't it make sense to make the Hughes/Charuto an Interim Title bout?

Penn said he would never fight Charuto anyways, so it would be a no win situation for Zuffa if he did beat Hughes.

I think it'd add a little more excitement to the card anyways...

$$$$ Talks!!! They are setting up for student VS Teacher!!!!

That's fine - but they should make it an interim just in case.

I'm not talking about K-1. I read they would strip him if he drops to LW.

But K-1 doesn't help either. Even more the reason to make this a title fight.


BJ is still champ until he's beaten, stripped or vacates the title.

"They better not strip Penn for fighting in K-1.

They shouldn't limit fighter's livelihoods. The UFC only has 5 shows a year. If a guy wants to fight more, champ or not, he should be allowed to."-- BigKiller

I havent seen Penn's contract and I doubt BigKiller has either-- But I am sure that UFC will do whatever they feel is neeeded to enforce the deal that BJ signed.

If a guy wants to fight more,champ or not, then maybe he shouldnt sign a contract to begin with??

Well Tito wasn't but they still had an interim,,

 "I don't need to see the contract...there isn't one in place.

Same as Vitor. You'd think the UFC would have learned by now NOT to give title fights to guys in their last fight on contract."

 How do you KNOW there isnt one in place? Because you heard from someone that knows?? I think the only ones that know are Zuffa and BJ  and maybe even they dont know--in other words they both may feel that they are right.

I wont say I agree with everything Zuffa does-- I hate a lot of things they do-- esp. with contracts-- But I also wont pretend to know the details of the Penn contract--

I will bet there will be a lot of legal 'wrangling' on this issue.



When you hear is often not a true reflection of what is going on..


For example--  some fighters sign a contract that has all the language set for the next few fights-- the only thing to be negotiated is the money.


So a fighter may say he is not under contract because they havent agreed to the $$-- Zuffa may say he is under contract. These contracts are very complex.I have seen some with my own eyes.

It takes attorneys to figure them out--  I will say this-  If BJ fight I will bet that Zuffa sues him.

"I'm not trying to be a dick but, have you followed the UFC for a while?

This happens all of the time. Pulver, Busta, etc.

As of right now BJ and Vitor have ZERO contractual obligations to Zuffa and the UFC.

If they go fight in K-1 (which BJ is already signed for, May 22 vs. Bang Ludwig)or Pride (which Vitor will probably do for a unification match with Silva) there isn't a thing the UFC can do but "strip" them of the titles. "

I have been following it for a 'little while" :)

I know very well the background of Pulver,Busta and going back to when Kerr was under contract and left(SEG)

All I can say is I will bet you are wrong if you THINK BJ and Vitor have zero contractual obligations.I dont know for sure-- I am just betting you dont either.



BJ offered to voluntarily give up the title if it meant Zuffa would support him in fighting abroad and allow him to represent the UFC abroad...

And yes... BJ's fight on May 22nd in K1 against Duane "Bang" Ludwig is confirmed (MMA)... BJ is leaving for Japan in a week or so...

No this should not be for the title. But Penn should not beable to fight for other organizations as long as he is the champ he should be bound to the UFC or stripped.

No this should not be for the title. But Penn should not beable to fight for other organizations as long as he is the champ he should be bound to the UFC or stripped.

Personally I think the UFC is stupid for penalizing
BJ for fighting in K-1. Think about how good it
would be for the UFC if they're welterweight champ
goes to a different organization and kicks
everyones ass? Why was Dana soooo supportive
of Chuck doing it in Pride? Why can't they support
BJ the way they did Chuck?

"While there are many things I don't know, I know contracts and I know the UFC.

BJ already has a fight with K-1, the UFC can't stop it and can't sue him. All they could do is strip him of the UFC WW title. "



With all due respect--   I dont doubt that you know about contracts-but to know  about a specific contract and know the details is stretching things somewhat.

I also know about contracts as well (own a company and sit on a negotiating team for past 17 years).I also know about UFC having helped fighters negotiate UFC contracts.

That doesnt mean I know about BJ Penns contract-- I realize he is fighting in K-1 and he MAY have every right to do so--I dont  know.

I have also been involved in UFC contracts where Zuffa's lawyers and the fighters lawyers disagree despite bothy parties "knowing contracts" and " knowing UFC"

"UFC can't stop it and can't sue him. All they could do is strip him of the UFC WW title. "

you may be right but I heard the same thing when Mark Kerr was told by experts that SEG could do nothing about him fighting elsewhere.

Just curious--how many UFC contracts have you negotiated? How many have you actually seen with your own eyes?

Btw-- I think it is great BJ can fight in K-1 and make some real money!



It can also turn out bad for the UFC. BJ could lose and make the UFC look bad. He could get hurt and now there champ cant fight tell the end of the year or longer and that affects the UFC aswell financially and puting title fights together. . So bottom line Penn should be stripped if he fights without the conscent of the UFC.

"Fuck man. I'm trying to be nice and have a conversation but there's no point with you.


The last fight on his deal was the one against Hughes.

He is bound in no way to fight for the UFC ever again.

Same as when Busta left and same as when Pulver left. "


You still havent given any facts-- you havent given me a single reason to believe you. All you say is  there is no contract.Earlier you told me you KNOW contracts-- you KNOW UFC.

So I assume you are  probably BJ Penns lawyer for you to have such keen knowledge--or at the very least you are the one that negotiated his contract... I am sure you have read it up and down.

Hell--  I even said you may be right--

The truth is you probably heard from a friend of a friend that BJ's contract read EXACTLY like Pulvers and Bustas and so he isnt under any contract...


"On MMAWEEKLY's internet radio show, I heard Dana White say that BJ is not under contract. That is why I don't need to know the details of the contract. It does not exist"

I didnt hear him say that--I apologize. If Dana White says BJ has no contract then it is settled.

On a side note, I wouldn't try to negotiate with the UFC if my life depended on it. Not only is my time not worth the 10% of a 5and5 contract, they show zero consistency in their negotiating. They seem to be in WWE mode right now so they'll let Penn walk and keep Baroni and Sims around.

Lots of ways to look at that--- 2/2, 5/5 contracts are the easiest  because the fighter has no power--in other words if you are getting that offer you take it or leave it.The bigger ones are a diff story.

I agree on Baroni and Sims--

"I heard (now this is just rumors) that BJ wanted the same money to defend the WW belt that Hughes got when he defended against Penn, 55/55 I think.

The UFC said no because Hughes was a 5 time defending champ."

not true...