Shoulder injury

I recently injured my shoulder at work. I figured I'd take a week off from upper body workouts, now that week is over and it's still too soar to be lifting anything heavy.

Does anybody have any shoulder injury experience or advice that they could share? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, if it still hurts, don't try to work out on it

I hurt mine back in '06, didn't listen to my body, kept trying to lift through it, and ended up ripping it up entirely. Needed surgery + a year and a half of rehab to get back to normal.

Ice, ibuprofen, rest until it feels better

The shoulder is a twat mate, the configuration of the muscle just makes it hard to train once it's injured

Being a carpenter, (sawing and hammering)
My shoulder workouts have to be so careful,
Gotta be fully warmed up, I do a good 20 minute warmup on shoulders, sometimes that can get rid of some soreness

Other than that it's a time thing,

I'm sure you can work other muscles on the upper body though? If not drop the weight and try again, isolation excercises are your friend Phone Post 3.0

Just started lifting again this week, the shoulder pain is not as bad but I still feel it tweak every now and then. I'm lifting very light.

I found some great info on shoulder injury recovery/prevention here: Phone Post 3.0

Try shoulder flossing, phenomenal functional and full range of motion warmup for shoulders, just YouTube it. Phone Post 3.0

Very vague description, but I have a feeling if you see an ART certified chiro,, you will be amazed.

It's been 19 days and my shoulder is still not 100%. What a terrible place to get injured. Phone Post 3.0

How did it get injured?


Work, I was drilling a hole on top of a ladder where I had to reach out and drill up. The drill weighs about 15-20lbs.

In retrospect I should have moved the ladder but I was 25' up. Phone Post 3.0