Shoulder stability

Does anyone have any suggestions for exercises that I can do to develop greater shoulder stability and strength in movement. I have naturally lax joints and have had problems with shoulder stability speceifically since my shoulder surgery 2 years ago. I have finally developed decent linear strength i.e. benching, rows, lat pulldowns etc. but have problems doing none linear motions. Which is basically everything you do in life. I have been doing a lot of research lately into different workouts to develop strength in movement but have not come to much of a conclusion. I like the idea of kettebells and clubbells but am afraid that without proper instruction into how to use them I would do more harm than good. Are the movements easy enough to learn with just book instruction and no teacher? I my shoulder is not overly fragile but I want to make sure I don't end up on the operating table again for something stupid that I did like the first time. Any help would be appreciated.

If you are interested in clubells or kettleballs, which are great workouts IMO, then you can get instructional videos for each one, to help you out.

Overhead barbell, db , kb walks, offset pushups,t-pushups lots of options.

thank you
Coach Hale

Hi! What I'm going to offer will probably meet a lot of negative reaction. But give it a try. Get a Swiss ball. Sit on the bench. Place the ball on the bench, and put your arm on top of the ball. Now ask a partner to start slapping the ball in multiple directions with different force. Your goal is to keep the ball on the bench. Change the angle. Do it laterally, than turn 45 degrees in, than sit with your feet on both side of the ball. I found with my clients that nothing gives you the better load on shoulder stabilizers, than that seemingly girlish exercise. Good luck

I never thought of something like that bratvas. Unfortunately the PTs are not really an option because I am in the AF and the PTs here think that I do not need to lift weights, grapple, box or do anything more taxing than pushups. If I could find a PT that specialized on athletes not just people that don't want to hurt anymore I would be in good shape.

I actually have a shorten range of motion but my shoulder is actually lax and tight at the same time. I had my shoulder capsule shrunk but rotator cuff and connective ligaments/tendons are loose. It is pretty strange. I can't even get my arm back far enough to hold a bar to squat but my shoulder still feels loose.

I need to develop strength in motion because I have decent strength in static positions. That is why I thought club or kettlebells.

Thanks for the answers. If anyone else has any suggestions please keep them coming.

I have a pair of clubbells and they are fantastic for helping strengthen the shoulder capsule. I would highly recommend them however I know not everybody wants to spend that kind of money.

As an alternative, this website shows a variety of shoulder exercises that can be performed using light dumbbells or weight plates:

Scroll down to Exercise Video Descriptions on the left hand menu. Then select Shoulder Prehab Exercises.