Shoulder surgery; follow-up

For those who might be interested, it's been 6 weeks since my surgery. I went to therapy a couple of times and were given the same exercises I had been doing at home so I stopped going.

I've improved a lot but still have problems lifting/pulling the arm above shoulder level with any type of weights/resistance, so I'm only testing that with very little weight and not doing anything serious yet.

My rotator cuff on the left side (surgery side) seems to be stronger than the right. That intrigues me. I feel the burn quicker on the good side (right) than on the left.

I'm able to do lying straight flyes and lying L-flyes, but still feel some pain with the standing L-flyes. I'm doing tha latter with no weight, and ocasionally test it with 2-lb weight.

I'm also doing theraband pulls: straight-arm down, and bent-arm, fist to the waist. Shrugs, 45-degree front raises to shoulder level and side raises about half-way to shoulder level.
All exercises are done daily.

Any recommendations?

I hope to be able to do overhead lifts with small weights in about 2 to 4 weeks.

Good luck recovering. I had major reconstructive shoulder surgery about 12 years ago. It was 4 months after until I could lift any weights. Do not rush the process. Work on getting range of motion back first, then gradually work in weight training. Do the same rehab work for both arms. I focused on repaired shoulder and noticed the same thing you are. I then began doing same things for 'good' arm. It probably prevented me from having to have that shoulder repaired as well. I stopped doing any behind the neck lifting, shoulder presses or pulldowns. I also changed my bench technique to elbows tucked in, with a narrower grip. I also found that using dumbells allowed me to have my palms facing in at the bottom of bench presses and shoulder presses. This is much more comfortable and bother my shoulders much less. With time you can back stronger than before. My best post surgery military press is at 245 for 16 reps, not bad for a shoulder with hooks holding it together. Train as you fight. D-Rex

Thanks for the feedback D-Rex. Sounds like good advise.

I have been working both arms, including using the same weights on both rather than more weight on the good one.
I'll work more on the ROM part.

D Rex- Your ideas for post rehab seem pretty sound. I've done similiar things coming off an shoulder injury. Some guys recommend keeping your palms facing each other throughout your pressing movements. Is that 245lbs for 16 reps a smith machine lift?? that's a ton of weight/reps for a traditional BB lift with full rom.

It is BB to bridge of nose, seated. Surgery/injury can be overcome. You just need to be deligent about rehab, patient and determined. Train as you fight. D-Rex