silva got rocked

as always

rampage got a decent shot off and rocked silva, but silva miraculously came back(again, as in most of his fights) and ko'd him

how does vanderlei do this in almost all of his fights? seemingly ko'd then coming back with a reckless barrage of punches that give him the win?

props to both fighters for a terrific fight, everyone here watching was glued to the screen

this kind of fight is what makes mma the great sport it is and surely this fight will achieve legendary status

i bet chute boxe trains by knocking eachother almost out and having to fight through being dazed

He always seems to get rocked but always recovers.

It really makes me wonder if he could have recovered and been able to pulled guard vs Belfort. I doubt it but I still wish it had gone on for like 30 seconds more.

He doesnt give up.

Saved by the bell this time though.

"Saved by the bell this time though."

I disagree...Rampage's window of opportunity was very small. Silva was practically on the offensive by the end of the round, he was defending very well and didn't seemed dazed at all. It was more of a flash knockdown and Rampage was unable to capitalize.

Silva got hit by a big knee and right hand a few seconds before the bell, how can you say he was on the offensive?

Silva was in trouble, and was helped tremendously by the bell.

"Vitor was horrible for him because when he got stunned, Belfort was so quick that he didn't let him recover."

I know!

and ever since we have been saying this guy or that guy(whoever is a good striker) will capitalize on that...but none ever have since


P.S. I want vanderlei to lose because he beat my mma hero three times, dammit...when will it happen????????


Silvas chin is NOT suspect guys. His defense maybe his chin no. All the shots that have put him down have been right on the button, but he gets back up and blasts away. The punches that he has been caught with, recovered from, and went on to win after have been the same power and precision that have put people to sleep.

Silva gets rocked due to being very wild and having much better offense than defense, not cause he has a weak chin.

How is his chin suspect? Because he's been dazed a few times? He's also had 30 fights, and the closest he's been to being knocked out was from Belfort's barrage of punches...

exactly, it's not even that his defense sucks either. He just likes to trade. He showed against Crocop that he can protect himself if need be.

''It's like he has a weak chin but not a weak chin.''-good '' 

TheBelfort stopage was good

V. Silva has to be #1 at lt hwy Courture #2

"Saved by the bell this time though."

Rampage was too tired to be aggressive enough to finish Silva. Besides, Silva was in worse trouble when Henderson knocked him down with a punch and proceeded to GnP him yet he still recovered.

The 1st round when over the 15 seconds they displayed by an extra 20-25 seconds. Rampage didn't capitalise with the extra time he was given & Wanderlei was recovering his guard while time was running out

The man refuses to quit. We throw around the moniker of "warrior" all the time when talking about fighters, but is there anyone more deserving of this title than Vanderlei?

He's got a great chin, which he has proven time and time again, by getting up and continuing.

He gets knocked down because of his stance. He is so offensive and squares up that his balance is forward and behind. If he gets popped and goes down it could be because of where his feet are. Not ALL of his knockdowns ,but a few.

Thank you Keoni. Does anyone understand what a glass chin is? How many times has V. Silva been KO'd? Alot of people throw around terms they don't understand.

How do you guys figure he was saved by the bell considering the round went about 10 seconds longer than it should have?