Since May of 2020, 60% of UFC events have been at the APEX



Curious to see how it impacts financials. Low Overhead but low ticket sales. Maybe even having a ppv do like 200k makes them a shit ton of money there.

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The last ppv they did at the apex was UFC 260, 2 years ago in the middle of COVID lockdowns.


But yeah seems like they are doing almost all the fight nights there.


Maybe just the tv and ad revenue is increasing per the contract while maintaining lower costs.

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Dana white is getting old too and he lives in Vegas. It might not only be about money.

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I don’t really give a fuck one way or another.

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He doesn’t have to be at every single event

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I tune out for those events

Shameful that the HW belt changed hands in that shitty garage/warehouse in front of 54 people

UFC really is U Fight Cheap when they use the Apex, energy is shit and I feel bad for all that had to fight in that shithole.

Any other venue has so much more energy and atmosphere…Fans are 100% needed for a good MMA event


Production just seems worse. Not sure what it is but it also makes the tv product worse too.

I don’t mind the small cards with no names being at the apex…

Saving lots of money , rather than paying to book a arena for these C level fighters


Your in favor of UFC raking in much more profits with a much less exciting arena and atmosphere?

Your not on favor of expanding fanbases in the USA and also in all he foreign countries they are attempting to do promote?

Fan/Arena energy is everything, that is what has drawn so many to the sport.

A fight in a garage is not the same as a fight in an arena with 5-90K fans cheering and watching.

You getting paid by the UFC or something?


Re read,

For the who cares fighters that no body knows of or known boring (C level fighters) the Apex is perfect for them.

If they have a good fight, put them on a arena card.

UFC have so many events in a year.

Let’s say 42 in a calendar year.

I wouldn’t be mad if they had 12 of those in the apex
One Apex card a month…

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Exactly this. Fighting in the Apex is their rite of passage. You have to pass the smell test before you make it to a stadium show.

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Come fight UFC!

in front of 42 people :saluting_face:

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You don’t like hearing the corners?
You don’t like the intimate setting
You don’t like hearing the fighters talk (Glover/Smith back n forth was wild , then the teeth comment)
You don’t like hearing the strikes/gargles etc.

At this point you are arguing with me for the sake of it like you have recently, am I right Elias, CePedo
And Ur othe username Pending Approval is not fooling anyone.

I hope Jake Shields puts u in a coma

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initially it was pretty cool being able to hear the fight sounds so well etc but its gone on for way too long now. It makes things feel so bush league and unimportant.


I see what your getting at.

But what about having the non important fighters that nobody has heard off fight in that environment, either that
Or cut the roster significantly and then have better cards with good fighters in arena’s and just use the Apex for TUF and DWCS

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Never realized you were such a douchebag, if you are being serious, you’re come off as a paid shill right now IMO

I like a crowd, I like the energy a crowd provides the fighters…UFC is raking profits whether they pay for arena or fight at Apex, respect fighters and fans and dshold these events in an Arena.

Sticking up for UFC signed fighters, fighting infront of 42-67 people is pathetic brother…your better than that.

You also didn’t address me trying to hide behind a new SN, I never did and wasn’t attempting to…I simply changed name and avatar to mix it up…I’m unattached to SN/Rep…What would I be hiding from, I have no alternate Account…seems you edited your previous post to dicktuck, after I called you out… and failed to acknowledge that I called you out

At least shoot straight and tell me I called you out on a false alternate account claim and you edited/tucked. Man up Bucky. You had me tagged in your post and removed it…Yes?