Sissy squats, opinions?

Thought about picking up one to add in for some variation. Thoughts or input?

Wtf is a sissy squat?

You could dramatically increase the work load with a bell. Which is what I'm thinking about

I guess it would be fun to fuck around with if you've already got your squat up to 500. 

I'm nit really interested in doing big numbers again. Just something to add in. It can't hurt & was just looking for some opinions. I guess nobody has one

You're a sissy.

xxxxxxxx - You're a sissy.
I know, I'm working on that tho

Looks like with his shin angle being perpendicular it's emphasizing hammies more (of course his knee is bent so his quads are working). Wouldn't make this a big part or the "meat and potatoes" of my leg workouts but could supplement. I guess play with reps and sets and tell us how you like it?

Can you do regular sissy squats?

Kroger39 - Can you do regular sissy squats?
Never saw this version before

I like this version where you keep the hips extended the whole time, provides a good stretch too.


Or I'll start with this version until I fatigue enough and hit a sticking point, then go right into a regressed version where hips are extended going down, flex hips at the bottom to come back up in more of a Hindu squat position, followed by regular Hindu squats. Great way to hit the quads with only body weight! 

baby-silverback -
xxxxxxxx - You're a sissy.
I know, I'm working on that tho
I don't think you are a sissy sir. But to help teach proper joke making he should have went with

Any squat you do is a sissy squat

Sorry, I like my jokes and insults at a higher level.