Smoker in Pa

I was talking to someone at a local gym, and he was telling me he was going to be planning a smoker and asked if anyone from my gym would want to this legal at all or what, I have never heard of a smoker or an amature fight in Pa before, there has to be some kind of laws or something against it or I would have heard/seen one before. Will this be aloud and would my fighters get in trouble for fighting at it if it got shut down?

philly mma has them on a regular basis, but i think they just started holding them in jersey. not sure if it's for legal reasons or not.

Last I new they were doing kickboxing?...Could be mistaken though

no they do mma as well.

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it's a small informal series of fights. usually with guys of limited skill and experience. think of it as a scrimmage. a way for you to get your feet wet before jumping into amateur stuff

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greg surb will have charges pressed so fast on u if something like this goes down in PA.

be carefull.

Whos Greg Surb?

Last I heard they were doing it by weight class via kickboxing. A kinda, my gym can beat your gym thing. Apparently they will take any challenge from any gym that wants to fight them. Can anyone confirm that it was PhillyMMA that was/is doing this?

Weird - I'm encoding the video for the 6th PhillyMMA smoker as I type this - the smoker is amateur rules MMA and amateur Muay Thai - combatants wear guards, unless they both decline and the trainers agree. Brad Daddis allows any legit school to send fighters, although this has rarely happened - kudos to the handful of guys that have shown up!

Latest videos will be up tonight - you can check out the old smokers and some amateur fights here:

Greg Serb is a commissioner in PA.
Smokers are my beloved customers.

Will his fighters do weapons? Stick, Staff, training blades, etc?


Gruhn - It's South Jersey, I'm sure we could wait in the parking lot and stab you if that's what you're after - otherwise, it's amateur MMA, amateur Muay Thai, and we'll probably have some No Gi/Gi grappling smokers this year as well...

Kind of a boxing gym tradition.Almost like concensual,supervised sparring amongst gymmates and boxers/competitors from other schools.Done as a courtesy sometimes between friendly gyms to help each other prepare for actual bouts.

Just thought I would ask =)

FuryuX said it... And what they really are are "live training sessions" with other schools. No one is charged at the door, but people can watch the live training sessions. It is a blast, gives the guys and girls great experience and we've never had a major injury. The one last week was in Jersey.


They are done in a safe, controlled and professional environment and the "sparring sessions" get stopped immediately if the ref even remotely thinks someone is hurt.

ryangruhn..."A kinda, my gym can beat your gym thing. Apparently they will take any challenge from any gym that wants to fight them."..... not sure where you heard that from...must be another school. We are not into that "challenge" crap and have no egos at the school. All of the schools that compete, including both of ours are friendly and humble. Anyone that knows me on this forum knows we are not like that. We invite respectable schools to compete and they sometimes don't even compete against one of our team members. Sometimes schools vs. other schools. It's all in good fun and learning...not to prove something

what you heard is complete bullshit. i've been to two of them and all the phillymma guys were nice as hell and respectful. they seem like they are much more into improving as mma'ers and kickboxers than anything else.

Brad, is Rigel still with you guys? I didn't see him at the last one

btw, that last one was a lot of fun, and that jersey facility is badass. kinda wish i lived closer to cherry hill