Snoozeman with his 3rd finish in 4 fights

All professional records count. You are actually the only person who I have heard said they don’t.

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Regional fights don’t matter.

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Pre-UFC fights are only important to get into the UFC. For legacy and being the best fighter, it doesnt mean anything.

I was pretty critical against Usman after his first masvidal performance and think I might have underrated Colby as well after their close fight, but I cant deny how good he has been overall and his dominance. I definitely want to see the Colby rematch.

He is definitely the only welterweight to challenge GSPS claim to the best welterweight of all time. He is not there yet in my opinion but he is definitely starting to make a strong argument

I beg to differ. And as I said before, you are the only person I’ve ever heard say that. Most people will just say that they aren’t as important as the UFC, but that’s far different than they don’t count.

But you aren’t going to convince me and I am not going to convince you, so we’ll just agree to disagree.

I would argue the reverse. I’ve never known anybody who does count regional fights toward someone’s legacy.

Nobody counts regional losses in someone’s early development against them. Like does anybody say Usman can’t be great because he lost once 20 years ago?

Who has ever really made an argument about someone’s legacy revolving around their regional fights?

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So I forgot to add that Usman has finished his opponents in 3/4 TITLE DEFENSES. That’s a 75% finishing rate in defenses. Does anyone have a better finishing rate with defenses right now other than Nunes?

Khabib had a good finishing rate towards the end tapping Gaethje, Poirier, Mcgregor.