So, my gym got a versa climber...

I'd never used one before so I figured I'd give it a shot. Especially after watcing Holly and Egan go to town on one in Scrappers video. Holy CRAP guys. This thing flat kicks ass. If you have access to one, you should be using it.

After lasting an embarassingly short time (story of my adult life) on the thing, I could barely make it back to the car. I was almost crying on my way home my legs were burning so bad.

What a trip! Love that thing!

Ya... ruthless is a good word. Hop on it man!

Wait till the Taku/Scrapper Intervals video comes out. Maybe we'll include a puke bucket along with it! hahaahhaahaha!


ugh... I was gonna go do it again today but I'm still hurting from yesterday. I pussed out ;p

Now you know why the Versa-Climber is my number one chice.


Taku- no kidding!